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Learning the Value of Challenging Perspectives

DSM Fellowship Programming

March 10, 2022

I, wrongfully or rightfully, take pride in being independent and a freethinker. Some may think that clashes with so-called corporate culture, but through meeting others within the DSM Fellowship and Tero International, my perception has been challenged and fostered at the same time in order to build a suite of tools that can lead to success even in an ever-changing and demanding business world.

Strategy + Taking a Step Back

It can often be hard to think about the concerns of others within a team/company, but I’ve learned that it is evermore important if you can shift your focus on where you come from in the conversation. By learning how to navigate a situation in a more strategic way, I’ve learned to be more adept in getting what I believe to be the right course of action. The old way of “I’m right and you’re wrong” just doesn’t work, and through the DSM Fellowship programming, you’re really challenged to take a step back and do a mental inventory of what is required to get through the topic at hand. That’s just one thing that I’ve found to be very helpful in my own professional development as I’ve been challenged to take on more responsibility in my role within Fidelity & Guaranty. I can only think that the DSM Fellowship, along with the Tero, has helped enable my career trajectory and pushed me to aspire to more than I had imagined before.

All in all, the DSM Fellowship aims to train and retain business and community leaders and stays true to the goal. The program all works together to challenge perspective and change outcomes for the better. I’m a bit of an “old-dog” style of thinker when it comes to changing my mind, so I feel pretty confident in saying that what I gained through the program was a welcome surprise that will hopefully pay dividends down the line.

The DSM Fellowship program is the preeminent professional development initiative attracting, developing and retaining a diverse community of top-tier graduates to Greater Des Moines (DSM).

Andrew Messerli

Andrew Messerli is currently an investigative claims examiner at F&G where he spends days learning functions ranging from IT-related tasks to annuity and life insurance claims research. His role is ever-changing, making it spicy and fun as he builds out a toolset that should prove valuable in the future.