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Is Unplugging Impossible?

Young Professionals Connection National Day of Unpluggi

March 7 marked the fifth annual National Day of Unplugging, a 24-hour period where participants shutdown their cellphones, close their laptops, turn off the TV, and enjoy being in the moment with those that matter most.

Excited by the thought of zero social media from sunset to sunset, but I had ask myself, “In my role, is this feasible?”

Like most people in today’s fast-paced environment, I rely on the Internet daily to stay informed about the news, market changes, my family and friends getting married or having babies. I even need it to keep from forgetting someone’s birthday.

Seems pretty dependent, right?

I genuinely adore taking time away from technology to reconnect with the important things in life: loved ones, relationships, nature, and so much more. Why should any of these essential things suffer because of an addiction to technology?

They shouldn't. While it's crucial to stay up-to-date with the continuously changing information in our daily lives, it is also crucial to maintain balance for your sanity.

Striking a balance something that I personally need to strive toward, though my personal sanity may always be questionable by some.

How to Balance Life and Technology Well

  • Set aside time for you to hear yourself think, uninterrupted by phones, email, television or other modes of technology.
  • Combine tasks to maximize the time you have. If you have errands to run and want to spend time with a significant other, friend, or your children, extend them an invitation to catch up and chat.
  • Make boundaries. Allow yourself to be informed via technology, but also allow yourself some time away.
  • Create value. Your time is valuable. Treat it that way by spending your energy where it is most useful.
  • Be aware. Also beware of the information you are putting through your intake. It may be the junk food of the Internet that is wearing you down.
  • Utilizing the interweb, and other modes of media, is a necessity in most professions today. Discovering the right place to draw the line for both professional and personal “unplugging” is wherein our balance lies. This is different for everyone of course. Just find what ratio is the perfect match for you.

Anna Sparks
Anna Sparks currently resides in Greater Des Moines (DSM). She is a Service Specialist for Wink Inc., a third-party Annuity and Life Insurance Company. Her hobbies include painting abstract art, volunteering in the community, and running with her English Springer Spaniel, Ryley.

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