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Iowa Legislature Adjourns with Big Changes + PPP Loan Forgiveness Update from SBA

COVID-19 Legal Updates

June 30, 2020

New Iowa Law Limits COVID-19 Litigation

The new COVID-19 Response and Back-to-Business Limited Liability Act (SF 2338) creates a higher bar for individuals suing for exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19. The Iowa law also has other provisions aimed at protecting businesses and individuals against COVID-19 lawsuits.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten the Greater Des Moines (DSM) community, it is important to continue to consult with public health experts and legal counsel to determine the right steps to protect yourself and your business. Keeping records of the guidance and the steps you’ve taken to abide by this guidance may reduce your risk of future lawsuits.

Iowa Legislature Passes Law to Help Protect Businesses Against COVID-19 Lawsuits

Iowa Tax Law Changes After an 11-week recess and multiple long days and late nights, the “second” session of the 88th General Assembly of Iowa adjourned Sunday, June 14, almost two months after it was originally scheduled to adjourn.

It was a busy week, with budget changes and significant changes to Iowa tax law. The changes are wide-ranging, covering everything from sales and use tax, business interest expenses, infrastructure, 529 plans and rural improvement zones. Importantly, there was clarification of state taxes and COVID-19 relief funds.

State Tax Treatment of Funds Received Through COVID-19 Relief Efforts

2020 Legislative Report and End of Session Summary

HR Quick Take: Employee Personnel Files

Employment attorney Jo Ellen Whitney answers the question, “Can an employee who quit take her personnel folder with her?”

PPP Update — SBA Revises Loan Forgiveness Forms

The Small Business Association released its revised PPP loan forgiveness forms to incorporate the changes from the PPP Flexibility Act.

PPP Update on Revised Loan Forgiveness Forms

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