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Investing Fully in Your Employees Matters

Workplace Culture

October 24, 2022

Holmes Murphy believes creating a culture where employees feel valued is critical to our success and that of our clients and communities. This is why over the last few years, we’ve made it our mission to build upon what our employees experience with us, going so far as to create an overall “Holmes Murphy Experience,” inclusive of our purpose statement, mission, and Care Code. These elements and actions weren’t new to Holmes Murphy, but we had never been intentional about putting them into words.

  • Our Purpose — This is our Why or our North Star. It doesn’t change. It’s “Caring for Your Unique Potential is our Soul Purpose,” and it’s why we exist.
  • Our Mission — This is our What. What do we do? “We make a difference by promoting health, protecting wealth, and delivering peace of mind.”
  • Our Care Code — This is our How. How do we deliver on our purpose and our mission? Through our SOUL, we:
    • Seek understanding by leaning in, listening, and learning.
    • Operate courageously by doing the right thing.
    • Uplift others by investing in others’ success.
    • Lead differently by being all in.

About the Holmes Murphy Experience

Once we activated the new “Holmes Murphy Experience,” we evolved the look of our external brand to match. We fully believe that what we do starts with our employees who, in turn, invest in our clients, community, and the industry, and that our outsides need to match our insides. That’s the core component to a successful business, and we wanted to showcase that.

Work Flexibility

But it’s not just our look or the way we talk that creates an exceptional experience. We also recognize that the merging of home and work life has never been more real for organizations, and Holmes Murphy is no different. We understand that every one of our employees brings their whole self to work each day, and we know they each have unique needs based on their own individual circumstances. As part of this, we’ve continually made intentional investments in our work environments, the holistic resources we offer, and our client and community engagement, because we believe the benefits we offer must be broader than traditional employee benefits.

A Safe Environment

If you walk into any of our Holmes Murphy office spaces, you’ll note the care we’ve taken to ensure the environments are state of the art, with dedicated workspaces for every employee along with open and shared spaces for training, taking breaks, coffee drinking, eating, lounging, meeting, creating, socializing, and holding events.


Because Holmes Murphy is privately held and employee owned, we are also able to be laser-focused on providing benefits that our people want and that provide the greatest impact — benefits that provide stability for employees and their families (think Parental Leave, 12 weeks of fully paid Maternity Leave, Diversity Day, Health Matters Day, etc.). We’ve also evolved the ways in which our employees work, including through our Responsible Time Off (take time when you need it versus a bank of time) and our Connected Flex (more flexibility/hybrid work arrangements) programs.


One major area Holmes Murphy prides itself on is stability. As we can all attest to, the pandemic created a worldwide environment of instability and anxiousness where many businesses had to close doors or lay off employees. We made it known to our employees that we would all weather the storm together, going so far as to initiate a hiring pause so we could ensure the employees who did work for us felt cared for and focused on. This level of stability is one of the greatest selling points of our employee experience.

Giving Back

Lastly, since our founding, Holmes Murphy has been dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play, and this is an aspect our employees love. Through our Holmes Murphy Foundation, along with the internal “Give.Fully.” campaigns we promote, we’re able to continually offer our employees opportunities to give of their time, talents, and treasures to the organizations they’re most passionate about.

When it all comes down to it, we believe our intentional focus on the employee experience is truly the engine behind creating exceptional experiences with those we work with.

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Ali Payne

Ali Payne is the President of ethOs, a Holmes Murphy company. Ali and her team of engagement and wellbeing experts work with clients to not only develop a strategy to drive employee engagement, but also to help them focus on the right employee experience for all of their workplace demographics.