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I Founded Adore Your Walls in the City I Adore Most

Adore Your Walls

February 2, 2018

Ever since I was a little girl and my grandmother took me to classes at the local art center, I have been obsessed with art. This passion transformed through the years and allowed me to see that competent art consulting for private companies and corporations was a need that wasn’t being filled. With that in mind, I began an art consultation business in 2013. As my business started to grow, I recognized once again that online and national consulting — the type that exists for furniture and interior design — was completely absent for the world of art. Adore Your Walls, is our way of filling this void across the country, and allows us to stay in the greatest city in world, Greater Des Moines (DSM).

An Art Consulting Startup in DSM

We are so fortunate to own and operate our business in DSM. The community is one that is constantly striving to support other local business owners and entrepreneurs. After receiving my Master of Public Art from the University of Southern California, my husband and I decided to move back to DSM to be a part of the quickly changing art scene. The vibrancy the creative economy has brought to our city was too enticing to pass up and we felt we could make a difference here. People ask us all the time why we decided to build our company here, and our response is always, “Why not?” DSM has all of the resources we have needed. The talent pool of artists and creatives is incredibly deep and we’ve had wonderful mentorship along the way.

Adore Your Walls was born out of a lifelong love of art. We don’t see anything silly about proudly announcing our belief that art can change lives, and we certainly believe that it can change rooms. Beyond the basic pleasures of seeing and owning original art, numerous studies confirm that people work harder and live happier when there’s art on the walls. We just want everyone to have that chance.

Art for Everyone

That’s why we do what we do. We believe in art for everyone. We help people find art they love for any budget, space and style. We want to be the voice for the overwhelmed art consumer; we want to be the eyes for the person who thinks he/she can’t afford an exciting original piece; we want to help you adore your walls. Because, believe us, they’ll adore you back. Really. Every space has room for art. I firmly believe that art isn’t just for museums, institutions or the super-rich. There’s no reason that every person can’t have a piece of original art. Helping people find their first piece or rediscover the pieces they already have is what makes me love what we do.

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Liz Lidgett

Liz Lidgett is an art advisor, writer and video host. As CEO of Adore Your Walls, she works with people to find the perfect piece of art for their style, space, and budget. Liz also is a freelance contributor for many national publications and video host working with brands like Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart and Apartment Therapy. She lives in Greater Des Moines (DSM) with her husband, Nick, their two cats, Cat Stevens and Nelly Purrtado and their ever-expanding art collection.