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Hyping Up DSM One Energy Drink at a Time

Hyper Energy Bar Startup

June 6, 2023


During the latest Small Business & Startup Stories DSM podcast, Chris and Izabella Whalen, Co-Owners of Hyper Energy Bar, headquartered in West Des Moines, with other locations around Greater Des Moines (DSM), share how Hyper is a go-to spot for people around the region to get coffee, energy drinks and more. The co-owners speak with the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Emily McLain.

About Hyper

As a smaller business within a family company, Hyper Energy Bar prides itself on its service. The Whalens have learned from their experience working within Heart of America Group, which includes brands such as Machine Shed Restaurant, The Republic on Grand and more. Bright, fun and enthusiastic, as a company Hyper Energy Bar is ever-changing, tackling ideas from everyone on staff, including from the newest hires.

“You can take the most obscure idea and do something with that.”

Chris loves waking up to see what might happen each day; and every day is different. With Hyper Energy Bar, the focus has been on growing throughout DSM due to the great business community here, with the intention to expand and open other locations outside the region.

Creating the right culture as a leader within the company is key to Hyper Energy Bar’s success. When it comes to finding talented staff, Hyper Energy Bar’s fun environment attracts young adults who want to work to provide for customers, even going so far as creating new drinks on the fly. This adds an aspect of creativity to the job. The Whalens try to keep in mind that each of their Energistas is different and has individual needs and ask that their staff just be themselves. So far, talented staff seems to find Hyper Energy Bar thanks to managers that act as mentors, time moving fast during shifts and fantastic guests.

Community Partnerships

The Hyper Energy building is modular, meaning it’s designed and built off-site in one location and arrives ready to go. Opening a location is a fast process that keeps building on its growth, bringing the company to new communities interested in Hyper Energy Bar. Locations then partner with local schools where they hold fundraisers as well as work with choirs and sports programs. Hyper gets many requests to partner at events and jumps on the chance to create interpersonal connections with the community. Hyper’s partnerships go beyond fundraising and community support. Chris and Izabella work closely with Iowa artists to create some of their merchandise and signature offerings – such as their sticker of the month.

The Hyper Energy Menu

From hyper-infused energy to smoothies and coffee, the 80+ menu at Hyper is guaranteed to provide a pop of energy to your day. Try “Pink Power” — it’s got strawberry, watermelon and white chocolate. “Cosmic Lightening,” with peach, mango and pineapple, is another option. Or, try one of the summer drinks, including hyper-infused energy drinks, lemonade or lattes.

See locations around the region, order merch and view the menu for Hyper Energy Bar. Find out more about the hype of Hyper Energy Bar on Facebook and Instagram as well to see the latest news and updates.

Listen to the entire podcast above.

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