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How to Manage a Remote Sales Team

Remote Sales Team Philosophies

Benjamin Rempe, COO of LenderClose, led a recent webinar that provided information on how to successfully manage a remote sales team. LenderClose empowers credit unions and community bankers by equipping mortgage and home equity originators with workflows and solutions required to provide efficiencies and shorten the lending cycle through meaningful integrations. Benjamin talked about their sales philosophies, shifting to “remote” sales and tools they use before providing a super send-off to the audience.

Sales Philosophies

Benjamin discussed his three sales philosophies. 

Philosophy 1: Your Company Is Worth $0 If You Can’t Sell

Benjamin said that it doesn’t matter if it is the best idea ever, or if it would change the world. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sell.

Philosophy 2: Build a Culture

Look for the energy, attitude and a growth mindset in a potential new hire. Benjamin said that if the potential employee does not show these three key traits, then he will not hire them. His focus is not on resumes, but how well the potential employee represents the three key traits.

Philosophy 3: Follow the Scientific Method

Make observations, think of interesting questions, formulate hypotheses, develop testable predictions, gather data and develop general theories over time. Benjamin said the process for philosophy 3 is to be present, know your landscape, monitor activities, learn and coach behaviors.

Shift to “Remote” Sales

For Benjamin and his team, some things have not changed. They have always dealt with prospecting and deal closings “remotely,” however, everyone was always in the office. Even though the team is remote, the philosophies have not changed. They still must sell, have energy, a good attitude and a growth mindset. Benjamin said he continues to make sure that they are still maintaining a positive culture even though everyone is working from home.

Sales Tools

LenderClose breaks out their sales team into acquisition and account management, both equally important.


The tools below are what they use to manage their processes. First up is the sales CRM tool, pipedrive. Pipedrive is a tool used to see where and why the sales team might be stuck in the sales process. They also use a system called Gong. Gong helps capture customer interactions, understand what is being said and delivers insights. This helps the sales team close more deals.

Account Management

The first tool Benjamin talked about is (virtual) hugs not handshakes. The goal of this tool is to make a friend for the people you are helping. Do something for them and then ask them to do something for you. This makes the clients more comfortable to come to you when they need help. They also use Microsoft Power BI: Data Visualization. They can monitor vendor and user dashboards and revenue reports.

Super Send-Off

Lastly, Benjamin sent the audience off with a super send-off. He said, go do it. No excuse. Right now, not tomorrow. All great sales teams have urgency, great collaborators, process oriented and outstanding coaches. You can do it!

View the entire webinar below:


View the presentation slide deck here.

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