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How Businesses in Des Moines Are Transforming Physically + Digitally

Downtown DSM Businesses

March 24, 2023

Des Moines is internationally renowned as the “insurance capital of the world.” The city plays host to dozens of high-performing enterprises and is at the cutting edge of technological advancements, like AI and cloud-based solutions.

Financial institutions usually lead the charge for better tech. But other businesses in Downtown Des Moines (DSM) and its surrounding areas are doing their part to transform the city both physically and digitally.

Coworking and Hybrid Work for Wellness in Des Moines

The pandemic left many businesses on the mend. In the wake of the pandemic, corporations like Flynn Wright have been influenced to find a new way to work. They have reopened their offices and can offer safe spaces thanks to their size and operational flexibility.

Coworking Spaces

As the landscape of business changes, so too will Des Moines office buildings. More businesses are embracing flexible office suites that accommodate employees with different schedules and work styles.

The future of office buildings will likely encourage a more collaborative approach to work, too. Coworking is on the rise across the nation as more employees choose to adopt a hybrid work model. There are already a dozen coworking spaces in Downtown DSM that are custom-built to serve employees from a range of industries and professional backgrounds. Among these are:

Businesses that embrace coworking can offer their staff better health and well-being perks, too. Folks don’t need to be tied to a desk all day to be productive and can choose a coworking office that is close to their favorite park or gym.

Hybrid and Flexible Workplaces

Local businesses that want to improve well-being can further support employees by offering hybrid work and flexible schedules. Flexible work ensures that projects are completed on time while freeing up time for staff to spend with their loved ones.

However, flexible workplaces are only viable thanks to technology advancements that support digital transformation and hybrid work. Businesses like Indigo Living and Hubbell IT embrace these changes by offering virtual tours and videoconferencing solutions for folks who’d prefer to work from home.

The city of Des Moines supports hybrid businesses by offering reliable 5G. A reliable connection is vital, as poor connections can derail productivity and turn hybridity into a headache.

Businesses can further improve virtual meetings by ensuring that their office buildings are hooked up to fiber optic internet. A great connection is key to hybrid meetings and Des Moines is well-positioned to support progressive, people-focused enterprises.

Health and Wellness

Employee health and well-being have never been more important. In the wake of the pandemic, talented workers deserve a better work-life balance and should feel supported by their employers.

Des Moines is the perfect city for businesses that care about their employees. The city is largely bike-accessible and pedestrian-friendly, meaning staff can get to their favorite gyms and greenspaces during their lunch break. Employees working in Downtown DSM have access to several walking trails and pedestrian bridges, including:

Many businesses in Downtown DSM partner with gyms, yoga studios and physical therapists to improve their employee’s health and foster a culture of well-being at work. For example, the Principal Financial Group is the owner and largest employer occupant of 801 Grand and is not far from the Wellmark YMCA. Power Life Yoga in the Historic East Village is near many service industry jobs also in the same district.

Businesses in Des Moines can further support health and well-being by embracing modern benefits packages. Many modern employees benefit from free, regular access to therapy. Common forms of therapy — like talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy — are proven to alleviate stress and bolster resilience.

Des Moines is the perfect place for businesses that want to embrace digital transformation. Businesses can make use of fiber optic internet and a reliable 5G connection to ensure that staff can work remotely or from high-end office buildings. This will draw more talented employees to regional businesses as more folks are looking for workplaces that can support their physical well-being as well as their professional goals.

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