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Growing + Maintaining Community

Physicians in DSM

May 10, 2021

In recent years we have been successful in recruiting and relocating doctors from Southern and Eastern United States. Although bringing new members into our community is exciting, we appreciate that many of our surgeons have grown up in Iowa and left the state to study at top institutions such as Harvard Medical, Mayo Clinic and the University of Pittsburgh, and then returned to their Des Moines roots.

A Community You Won't Quite Find Anywhere Else

People often wonder about the attraction to Greater Des Moines (DSM) and Iowa in general. Research often cites reasons such as a job, family, livability and climate as reasons for returning to hometowns, but there is something to be said about “Iowa nice.” The sense of pride Iowans and Des Moines natives have about their roots is a reason in and of itself to return. DSM may have a population of nearly 700,000, but everyone is a neighbor. Our physicians amplify the care and love Iowans have for one another by bringing back their skills, sharing them and practicing in the region. That's a strong community many are drawn to, as Des Moines was named one of the fastest-growing cities in the Midwest.

We also become reliant on the leadership of our private and public entities. It is crucial and worth noting when media outlets like the U.S. News & World Report publish that we are the #2 Safest Place to Live and the 5th Best Place to Live that these reputable accolades give us an advantage in recruiting against larger markets.

The Process is Well Worth the Wait

Often, recruiting a physician or surgeon to Des Moines takes two to three years, and the process is highly competitive. Most of the professionals we are recruiting are being sought by three or four medical clinics or systems in much larger cities than Des Moines.

We can talk about our mission and vision but just as necessary is what we as a community have to offer to their families. “Iowa nice” will always be something we embody, but the economic development boom is something to gain from relocating or moving back to DSM as well. From attracting Broadway shows such as Hamilton to facilities like the Lauridsen Skate Park, the MidAmerican Energy RecPlex, and Merle Hay Mall Revitalization, projects are popping up all over our community.

As DMOS Orthopaedic Centers looks to continue business growth, these public/private partnerships drive major projects, making this community a desirable place to live and work. Most importantly, it allows us an opportunity to retain and recruit the most talented orthopedic surgeons and medical staff to DSM. In turn, this gives our community access to innovative, highly trained professionals, which we have traditionally lost to larger metropolitan areas.

Job opportunities and career resources are abundant in Greater Des Moines (DSM). Whether you're looking to find an internship, a job, develop professionally or grow as a student, we have the resources to help you thrive.

Rich Green

Richard Green is chief operations officer at DMOS Orthopaedic Centers in West Des Moines, Iowa.