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Golden Circle Games 2013: What is YOUR Dream Team?

Young Professionals Connection Golden Circle Games Drea

We are just around the corner from a signature and well-known event in Greater Des Moines (DSM). On June 14th the Golden Circle Games will take place in Des Moines. Developed just 29 years ago by four spirited companies, of which participated in a small but competitive day of team-building games — today has grown into one of the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s and Young Professionals Connection’s biggest events of the year. This year’s games have been changed quite bit — moving into a new direction. What used to be held on a late Wednesday afternoon at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, will now be held on Friday, June 14th at Water Works Park. Gates will open at noon and the games commence at 1:30. There will be snacks and beverages provided, as well as awards for the top three finishing teams and a special award for the “best-dressed” costume contest winners.

This Year’s Theme

Every year the Golden Circle Games develops an overall “theme,” that influences the games, setting, and team costumes.  The 2013 Golden Circle Games theme: “What Is Your Dream Team?”  This year’s theme asks teams of eight players to bring their most competitive and creative cast of characters they can dream of. Can you imagine a team full of Oprahs, Jordans, Supermans, and George Washingtons? This “What is Your Dream Team” theme hopes to spark imagination into what really makes a successful team, on and off the field.

Golden Circle Games Donations

Along with the games, there is also a long-standing charitable component to the event. This year, the Golden Circle Games will be working with The Food Bank of Iowa. This organization is a private, charitable, not-for-profit organization committed to a mission of alleviating hunger through food distribution, partnership and education. Their Vision: A hunger free Iowa; Their Mission: Alleviating hunger through food distribution, partnership and education. So please, come on out and give to this cause — you do not have to participate in the games to donate.

We hope to see you all at this year’s Golden Circle Games! All YPC Members interested in volunteering, click here.


Cory W. Sharp
Golden Circle Games Event Chair / YPC At Large Chair

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