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Give Coworking a Try

Coworking is a trend that started a few years back and has been growing in Des Moines in recent years. I know of two coworking facilities here in Downtown Des Moines; Foundry Coworking and Impromptu Studio. Last month, Inc. Magazine did a good article on coworking . They also provided a slide deck on reasons to consider a coworking site.

Eight Reasons to Consider Coworking

  • No guilt (check out the slide deck to get the guilt)
  • Meet potential clients
  • The office setup
  • Network without trying
  • The water cooler community
  • Legitimate meeting space
  • Pick your niche (go check the deck!)
  • Learn something

Along with the entrepreneurs starting business, you may meet artists, designers, coders and many one/two person service providers. I have often thought that those virtual workers here in Des Moines who work from their home would benefit from coworking. Let’s face it, for many like me, working from a quiet home is depressing. 

Impromptu Studio recently posted an event on Facebook announcing that the first Wednesday of every month is a free coworking day. So here is your chance to check out coworking and give it a try. Who knows, you may find a new business partner.