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Get the Inside Track on Raising Capital for Your Startup

Des Moines Startups Raising Capital Seminar Preview

April 11, 2017

You own a startup company. Your great idea is becoming a product. It could revolutionize the world — or at least come up with solutions that help businesses or consumers.

There’s only one problem: You just need more money to get this product, and your company, growing. This is a scenario many entrepreneurs face. They have a great idea and intricate knowledge of the product they are trying to build or problem they are trying to solve. What they need is help raising capital to help their startup go from Point A to Point B.

If this sounds remotely like your scenario, attend the Raising Capital Seminar on Thursday, March 30. The Raising Capital Seminar is hosted by Square One DSM and BrownWinick Law Firm. The event will take place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at BrownWinick Law Firm’s office at 666 Grand Ave., Ste. 2000 in Downtown Des Moines.

A Preview of the Raising Capital Seminar

The Raising Capital Seminar aims to help entrepreneurs learn how to successfully secure equity funding for their startup business growth. The event will allow startup founders to learn from people who have been where they are, as a lineup of entrepreneurs who have already gone through the process will be on-hand to share their first-hand experiences.

The event will also allow for entrepreneurs to learn from angel investors who are actively looking for startup companies to invest in. The lessons learned are not just theoretical, but could literally lead to a direct investment in your company. 

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to justify spending a majority of the day at a seminar rather than working on your company. I am confident, however, that the investment of your time will help lead you to be better equipped to secure equity investments for your company.

Register today for the Raising Capital Seminar, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions at mike@squareoneDSM.com.