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EX.O.T.I.C. Legal Issues for Employers: An EXplanation Of Terms and Issues of COVID-19 Legal Issues for Employers

COVID-19 Legal Issues for Employers

September 2, 2020

The world changed in 2020 and many areas of the United States and the world were on lockdown after COVID-19 emerged as a global pandemic. And then, on Friday, March 20, 2020, a true crime docuseries called “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness” was released on Netflix. And the world changed again. Tiger King was watched by 34.3 million people during the first 10 days of the release, partially due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am never going to financially recover from this,” was a quote from Joseph Maldonado, aka Joe Exotic.

Many employers in Iowa and across the United States are feeling the effects of COVID-19 on their small businesses and related to the statement above in a personal way.

Hopkins & Huebner P.C. attorneys Brent Hinders, Eric Updegraff, and Hugh Cain walked virtual attendees through COVID-19 legal issues facing Iowa’s employers during a recent webinar.

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19 and the quarantine that followed in March of 2020, culture and laws have been on a wild and ever-changing ride.

Areas of Law Every Iowa Employer Should Know

At the virtual presentation, the law firm highlighted five areas of the law that every Iowa employer should know, including:

The laws were referenced along with ubiquitous quarantine iconography like Netflix’s Tiger King, toilet paper shortages, carryout alcoholic drinks, Hamilton and Dr. Fauci!

Other topics explored during the event included whether temperature scans are considered a medical exam under the ADA, EPSLA and EFMLA exclusions for health care providers and emergency responders, premises liability, OSHA and safe harbor.

View a PDF of the presentation here.

Watch the full webinar below:


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Brent L. Hinders

Brent Hinders has been practicing law in Iowa for over a decade. A graduate of Simpson College and Drake University Law School, Hinders is a shareholder attorney at Hopkins & Huebner, P.C. where he practices in the areas of employment, municipal and government law.