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Episode 45: Erin Huiatt Creates Multiple Ways for Moms and Women to Succeed in DSM

Des Moines Parent Erin Huiatt

March 13, 2020



Erin Huiatt began blogging as a way to share her adventures as a young mom. Little did she know that her hobby would grow into an entrepreneurial success story times three. Erin discusses her unique path as a female business owner with one of the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Startup Stories hosts, Christina Moffatt. 

The Des Moines Parent Story

After becoming pregnant with her daughter, Erin decided to stay home. At the time, she blogged about attending events with her son in Greater Des Moines (DSM). As a new mom of two, her blogging was a hobby, but a local dad — who started Des Moines Parent — reached out to Erin to take over the website. Since then, Des Moines Parent has allowed Erin to connect with local families and help them stay busy making memories with their kids throughout the region.

Buying an Online Business

Erin knew that she could take Des Moines Parent to the next level. As she took over the online business, she found the benefits outweighed the negatives. She talks about enjoying the flexibility and creativity running Des Moines Parent allows her. 

Des Moines Parent Growth

Now that Des Moines Parent is growing, Erin says there is more pressure to respond to questions and comments quickly. It’s important to know when something calls for an immediate response and when you can hold off on answering until the next day. 

Serial Entrepreneurship

H3 – Midwest Mom and Wife

Midwest Mom and Wife is Erin’s original blog and a way for her to connect with other moms. After researching doulas, she took training to become a doula herself and revamped her website into a postpartum resource for Midwest moms. The website includes a directory of local support groups, infant photographers and other postpartum businesses. An event calendar lists yoga classes, mom’s groups and more.

The Postpartum Plan Workbook is Erin’s first published work. The resource is supposed to offer new moms a way to think about life after birth. A resource for before you need the support, Erin’s workbook allows moms to plan ahead for adjusting to life as a new parent.

FemCity Des Moines

While Erin keeps busy running both of the blogs mentioned above, she also sits as current president of FemCity Des Moines. FemCity is curated and created by women in business for women in business. It’s a way to support other women two to three times per month through local events. FemCity Des Moines is one of the fastest growing chapters within the FemCity network. Erin says there are so many women who are starting businesses here who want to support and help other women find success, which explains its quick popularity. The women in the organization are there to help each other as opposed to sell to each other. 

The FemCity Des Moines Coffee Connection event welcomes 40-50 women to each event. Erin explains that it can be hard for some moms to make connections. While the Coffee Connection events aren’t solely geared to moms, holding the event a little later in the morning (after school drop-off) and in a kid-friendly space is making a big difference when it comes to networking opportunities for women. 

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