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Episode 22: Growing into an Established Business

Episode 22: Growing into an Established Business

April 24, 2019

Greater Des Moines (DSM) is home to many sophisticated shops. One of those is Fusion Boutique, a women’s clothing and gift store that even offers one-of-a-kind pieces from local designers and artists. Celebrating eight years in 2019, Christina Moffatt, Director of Small Business Resources at the Greater Des Moines Partnership sat down with Sara Jacobson, owner of Fusion Boutique, to discuss her experience as a business owner in Des Moines.

Becoming a Store Owner

Like many, Sara’s love of fashion started in high school where she remembers always longing for the newest designer clothing. She worked in retail throughout college in order to buy the latest styles. That hands-on experience paired with her schooling showed Sara the ins and outs of running a retail business. When she returned to Des Moines, she knew it was the perfect place to open her own business.

Growing into an Established Business

As a business you’re always trying to keep and retain your customers. With so many retailers to choose from, customers have many options. Businesses need to see their customers as valuable. By building a relationship with your customers, you make sure they leave your business inspired.

The Importance of Location

To draw in walk-in customers and become more accessible, Fusion moved to a new location after four years. The higher location made it easier to see from the road, while a colocation near a spice shop helped with referrals as well.

Technology in the Evolving Fashion Industry

Now open for nearly eight years, Sara knows the importance of getting products in front of people through social platforms. Moving from face-to-face to selling online, Sara says Fusion is on all of the social sites. The shop has photoshoots every week and photos are then uploaded to the website. They also offer a Facebook VIP group the opportunity to buy items posted in the group by commenting their size. This allows customers to shop from the couch. By incorporating technology through a third-party app, Fusion can focus on providing excellent customer service, as well as getting their products in front of more people.

Trends in 2019

For spring, animal prints are in, as well as florals and bright colors like coral. Rompers are also now favorable to various body types, and Fusion has embraced the more flattering styles.

To find out more about Fusion and Sara’s entrepreneurial journey, listen to the podcast. You can also check out her social platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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