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Episode 18: Startup Story as Told by AgriSync

Startup Story as Told by AgriSync

December 14, 2018

Founder Casey Niemann of AgriSync, a Greater Des Moines (DSM)-based software startup company focused on the agriculture industry, recently met with Greater Des Moines Partnership Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives, Mike Colwell, to share all the latest happening at his startup.

Why Des Moines for an Ag Startup?

Casey Niemann grew up on a farm in Kansas. He learned about work ethic and persistence which helped him as an entrepreneur. As the youngest of four, he also learned about competition. All of these things combined with a passion for agriculture created an excitement which blossomed into his interest in creating an ag startup.

Casey’s advice to startups? “If you’re thinking about agtechnology, insurance and financial services — I would argue Des Moines is a fantastic place to build those businesses out. We have a great business community, supportive climate and low cost of doing business. In our case in the ag sector, you couldn’t ask for a better place. We have the in-customer audience in our backyard and we have some of the larger enterprise platform players headquartered here and an opportunity to partner with them. This creates a good momentum swing for ag-focused startups.”

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