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Employers: DART Unlimited Access Benefits You and Your Employees Alike

January 4, 2019


Greater Des Moines (DSM) has a reputation for providing a high quality of life that connects residents to opportunity. Local employers contribute to this growing reputation by offering many competitive benefits that help make their businesses and our region more attractive to top talent. For many area employers, one of the benefits that helps them stand out is offering unlimited access to the convenient transportation options provided by the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART).

How DART Unlimited Access Works

As an Unlimited Access partner, an employer contracts with DART to offer employees free use of all Local, Express, Flex and On Call bus services. Unlimited Access partnerships can be scaled to meet the needs of employers of all sizes as cost of the program varies based on the number of employees and contract length. DART provides customizable marketing materials to promote the service to employees, as well as how-to-ride training. Employees ride free by simply showing an employee ID to the bus operator upon boarding.

Who are DART’s Unlimited Access Partners?

More than 60 area businesses and organizations offer some form of subsidized access to public transportation for their employees and clients. Of these, 19 employers have gone one step further to make public transportation a priority by providing unlimited access to all fixed route services at no cost to their employees through DART’s Unlimited Access program, including some of the region’s largest employers.

Why Provide Free Transit to Your Employees?

Access to employment is the number one reason people ride DART. But the premium benefit of unlimited access is truly that, extending beyond the workplace to essential destinations that help meet the needs of employees’ daily lives, offering access to health care, retail, recreation, education and more. Consider these benefits of signing up your organization for DART’s Unlimited Access program.

Recruitment and Retention: The Unlimited Access program is a great tool for recruiting talent. Young professionals and out-of-state candidates are increasingly asking about public transportation and fewer own personal vehicles.  

Expanded Benefits Package: Free use of public transit is a unique and valuable benefit to employees. Transit benefits are affordable for employers and help employees save money, reduce stress and use their commute more productively.

Sustainability: Taking public transit is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and road congestion. The Unlimited Access program shows companies are being environmentally friendly and can help meet workplace green initiatives.

Unlimited Access with DART

Learn More

Contact DART’s Business and Community Partnerships team to learn more about the program and how your company can become a member.

Matthew Harris
Business & Community Partnerships Manager
(515) 246-2522

Nick Peterson
Business & Community Partnerships Coordinator
(515) 246-2533

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Matthew Harris

Matthew Harris manages business and community partnerships for Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART). As Iowa's largest public transit agency, DART offers a family of transportation services that connect nearly 15,000 daily riders to essential destinations throughout Central Iowa.