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DSM Employment Ready with Brian Berry: Leadership Skills

Leadership DSM Employment Podcast

May 19, 2020


As human resource manager for Palmer Group, Brian Berry focuses on helping people find what they are passionate about. He’s worked with the company for 19 years and shares the skills a leader needs for success during the DSM Employment Ready podcast.

Brian starts off by asking the audience to think about the specific people who have motivated you or offered you advice. He asks the listener to question what characteristics made that person stand out to you.

Leadership Traits

Owning Your Place on the Team

The approach at Palmer Group is that leadership isn’t a title, it’s a status that is earned. Employees are asked upon their hiring to choose to have an impact and make a difference no matter what job title they have. Leaders take advantage of the opportunities around them. Brian says employees should look closely and own their situation in order to make a difference, regardless of title or position.

Build Relationship with Your Team

By building strong relationships with coworkers and investing in them, you create a solid team that will work together, innovate and create at another level.

Be a Kind Expert

Be a humble and kind expert. Ego can get in the way of leadership as it takes away the ability to build confidence and be genuine. Think back on the person that had an impact on you. They no doubt have the ability to listen and offer feedback in a “real” way.

Use Empathy

Consider people’s feelings. Go with the flow. Make decisions that are positive for your employees. When dealing with change, you have to be flexible with people.

Be Grateful

One of Palmer Group’s principles is gratefulness. Brian says to remember to be grateful for not just what you have in life, but where you are and the people around you helping you get there.

Love People

Love is an action. Love people regardless of whether you get something in return. This trait is common among leaders. Brian discusses loving people not just for what they are good at, but also for what they aren’t so good at.

Listen to the entire podcast: DSM Employement Ready — Brian Berry Talks Leadership

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DSM Employment Ready

The DSM Employment Ready podcast is designed to help the Greater Des Moines (DSM) workforce learn tools, tips and techniques to increase employability value and become the employee they want to be. The series will help employees find resources to improve their talent skillset and competencies.