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DSM Employment Ready with Brian Berry

DSM Employment Ready with Brian Berry

April 10, 2020


Palmer Group is a full-service employment group focused on people looking for jobs, outplacing processes for companies that are downsizing, as well as IT services. As human resource manager for Palmer Group, Brian Berry is focused on helping people find what they are passionate about. He’s worked with the company for 19 years and shares his insight into defining success during the DSM Employment Ready podcast.

Defining Success

Due to COVID-19, we’ve all been forced into slowing down. Brian says this is the perfect time to put extra thought into our personal purpose in life. Once you find that purpose, how should you move forward so that it makes a difference for you? In this time of self-reflection, Brian’s goal is to help people work through the process of winning on your terms and not someone else’s.

Why is personal purpose important? Brian discusses how purpose helps you make big and small decisions. Without purpose, you lack direction. When you have a clear definition of your purpose, you benefit from mental and physical health benefits and more. From an employment standpoint, jobs can be volatile. If you lose your job, do you lose purpose? Brian says your purpose should not be tied to your job and goes on to say that your ability to build stronger and healthier relationships grows once you know what your priorities are. 

Tips for Finding Your Purpose

Brian says it’s okay to be selfish about your purpose and to strip away other’s opinions on what you should be. Ask yourself:

  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What comes easiest to you?
  • What are you best at?
  • How are you serving others? What would people miss without you?

Listen to the entire podcast: DSM Employment Ready – Brian Berry

The DSM Employment Ready podcast is brought to you by the Greater Des Moines Partnership and provides tools, tips and techniques to increase employability value and become the employee you want to be. Find resources to improve your talent skillset and competencies with this workforce podcast series. To listen to more Partnership podcasts, click here.

DSM Employment Ready

The DSM Employment Ready podcast is designed to help the Greater Des Moines (DSM) workforce learn tools, tips and techniques to increase employability value and become the employee they want to be. The series will help employees find resources to improve their talent skillset and competencies.