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DSM Employment Ready with Beth Nigut

Beth Nigut DSM Employment Ready

April 20, 2020


Beth Nigut is executive vice president and chief people officer at EMC Insurance Companies in Greater Des Moines (DSM). Beth shares her tips for defining success during the DSM Employment Ready podcast.

An Evolving Working World

Increased technology and artificial intelligence have served as ongoing disruptors within the workplace. The world will continue to change at a rapid pace as social disruptors alter our working environments, alter occupations across every industry. Beth says approximately 25% of U.S. employment, or 36 million jobs, will face high exposure to automation in the coming decades. Thirty-six percent will face medium exposure to automation by 2030 and 39% will experience low exposure.

Key Competencies for the Future

Beth offers 10 competencies outlined in a Bernard Marr April 2019 Forbes article that are commonly referred to and should be kept top of mind in the new working world, as we deal with and move forward from COVID-19. Some of these include creativity (new ways of thinking), analytical/critical thinking, interpersonal communication skills and more.

Listen to the entire podcast: DSM Employement Ready — Beth Nigut

The DSM Employment Ready podcast is brought to you by the Greater Des Moines Partnership. The podcast features insight into employment in Greater Des Moines (DSM) during the COVID-19 crisis. To listen to more Partnership podcasts, click here.

DSM Employment Ready

The DSM Employment Ready podcast is designed to help the Greater Des Moines (DSM) workforce learn tools, tips and techniques to increase employability value and become the employee they want to be. The series will help employees find resources to improve their talent skillset and competencies.