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Diversity Event Update

Young Professionals Connection Dinner Around Des Moines

*We take a break in the middle of the "10 in 10 Blog Series" to update on an exciting event that recently occured with the Diversity Committee. Next week we continue with the last 5 blogs for the "10 in 10" series. 

This time ‘Dinner Around Des Moines’ found us on the east side at Pueblo Viejo. We enjoyed great Mexican food and the company of friends. More than thirty of Greater Des Moines’ (DSM's) young professionals joined the Diversity Committee on June 18 to socialize and develop a greater understanding of different cultures.

Speed Networking

After a brief meet and greet, we all took part in a speed-networking session where the questions ranged from ‘What is your favorite holiday?’ to ‘What has been your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?’ Every two minutes we rotated to new people and asked them new questions. It was a great time that struck up plenty of fun conversations and laughs.

After dinner we listened to some of the employees talk about the history of the restaurant, the backgrounds of its staff and their personal experiences. Our group then closed out the night out with a raffle wherein we had to write something in Spanish about YPC or the event. Several participants were randomly selected to have their Spanish phrases read out loud to the group. They won YPC T-shirts! My Spanish may have been a little rusty, but we all had a good laugh.