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Des Moines Public Schools Take the EDGE Pledge

April 16, 2019


Education Drives Our Greater Economy (EDGE) is a shared regional goal of ensuring 75 percent of Greater Des Moines (DSM) working-age adults have degrees, certificates and other credentials by 2025 that align with workforce needs.

Through EDGE, The Greater Des Moines Partnership, is committed to addressing the critical need to solving the skills gap facing DSM employers, and it is committed to helping improve the educational pipeline that is crucial to achieving a skilled workforce and human talent pipeline.

Des Moines Public Schools Leads the Way

Des Moines Public Schools is helping to lead in this goal by recognizing everyone learns and works differently and offering options for those students so they can still achieve their goals.

By coming along side students that may be struggling at the younger ages we can work to keep them in school and get them the education and training needed to start a strong career.

Research shows more than 70 percent of jobs in Greater Des Moines by 2025 will require some postsecondary experience including certifications, credentials, two-year degrees, four-year degrees and beyond.

Central Campus is a great environment for preparing students and keeping them engaged in career learning. Students at Central Campus get hands on career focused learning, and it many cases are earning college or apprentice credit for the classes they are taking.

Pairing career focused courses with the ability for students to complete core course work online on their own schedule is keeping students passionate about career goals. This provides students with the excitement and mind set needed to keep them on a strong career path, as well as getting them into the workforce with a solid background of both education and hands on experience.

Education Drives our Greater Economy (EDGE) is an initiative of Capital Crossroads: A Vision for Greater Des Moines (DSM) and the region focused on improving education attainment from early childhood learning through life-long learning. Under the leadership of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, EDGE aims to ensure that 75% of DSM working-age adults have postsecondary degrees, certificates or other credentials by 2025 that align with workforce needs.

Sarah Dougherty

Sarah Dougherty is the director of secondary teaching and learning for Des Moines Public Schools.