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COVID-19 Update for Landlords

Landlord Updates Amid COVID-19

May 28, 2020

Residential Landlords — Iowa Laws

Considering COVID-19, landlords, property managers, homeowner’s associations and others are in uncharted territory as they navigate the Fair Housing Act and Iowa landlord-tenant law. Davis Brown attorneys cover FAQs and further implications of federal and state laws.

  • Does the Fair Housing Act or Iowa law cover individuals who have or had COVID-19?
  • What should a landlord do if a tenant requests an accommodation or modification due to COVID-19?
  • Can landlords:
    • deny the applicant if they have COVID-19?
    • ask applicants/tenants if they have COVID-19?
    • refuse to show a leased premise to an applicant who currently has COVID-19?
    • mandate tenants quarantine themselves for 14 days?
    • take any action if an ill tenant does not follow CDC-recommended quarantine and uses common areas?

Navigating the Fair Housing Act and Iowa Landlord-Tenant Law during COVID-19

Federal Moratorium on Residential Evictions

In addition to Iowa laws, the CARES Act (S.3548) instituted a federal moratorium on residential evictions until at least Saturday, July 25. Davis Brown helps residential landlords and property managers with their questions about the CARES Act:

  • What rental properties does it affect?
  • Which types of evictions are suspended?
  • Does it affect a landlord’s ability to charge late fees on unpaid rent?
  • Are there imposed restrictions on landlords once the Federal Moratorium is over?
  • What factors should landlords remember regarding the CARES Act? Federal Moratorium Effect on Residential Landlords and Property Managers

Other Coronavirus/COVID-19 Legal Resources

Davis Brown regularly updates the COVID-19 legal resources page providing interpretations of guidance from administrative bodies and new laws. If you have a question about how your business can adapt, please contact your legal counsel.

You can count on The Partnership to continue to share accurate and fact-based updates as well. See more on COVID-19 here.

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