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Civility Webinar: Social Media

Social Media and Civility Webinar

The Greater Des Moines Partnership, Capital Crossroads and The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University are hosting Civility Webinars focusing on a variety of civility topics to enhance a culture of excellence in the Greater Des Moines region.

The second session again welcomed Scott Raecker, executive director of the Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University. He discussed civility on social media with the following panelists:

  • Jay Byers, Greater Des Moines Partnership
  • Beth Shelton, Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa
  • Shekinah Young, Principal Financial Group

Raecker shared research on Civility in America 2019: Solutions for Tomorrow, including the state of civility in the U.S., expectations for civility in the next few years and social media as the top source of incivility in America. The session dissects the research and data behind uncivility on social media and its continued rise.

Tips for Social Media Civility

Byers outlined his own tips for civil and informative social media strategy, touching on authenticity, long-term influence, strategies for different platforms, creating a permanent record and more. He also discussed the DSM USA Ambassadors and the importance of utilizing networks of others who are excited about what your business is doing to influence those networks and create momentum and change over time. Shelton said building connections and recognizing what makes a healthy social media debate is useful, as well as challenging yourself to stay positive and offer solutions rather than negativity. Young said she works to be savvy, reiterating that there is a fine line between your personal and professional self and voice. They should be reflective of each other.

Avenue of Change

The panelists spoke about the power of influencing and expanding views, noting social media rarely changes people’s minds. Change isn’t immediate, but social media can help people think about things in new ways. Young says it’s important to challenge yourself to not unfriend those who think differently than you so that you can hear other perspectives, even when you don’t agree, and not fall into “group think.”

Watch the full webinar below:


Learn from the previous Civility Webinar on relationship, communication and teamwork, which offers tools and strategies for civility here. Stay tuned for information on the upcoming civility webinar event, “Creating a Civility Action Plan,” which will be held at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 5.

The Civility Webinar events will discuss civil discourse topics to assist business leaders in creating a culture of excellence.

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