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Agrisync Sees Growth Year After Year

Agrisync in 2021

February 26, 2021


Agrisync, a startup based in Greater Des Moines (DSM), continues to see growth year after year. Casey Niemann, the founder of the ag company, says that with more than 20 employees, and up to 10 staff members expected to be added in 2021, Agrisync serves more than 38,000 customers in more than 10 countries.

In 2020, Agrisync has, like other companies and industries, benefited from looking at remote work and figuring out how to create positive customer service throughout the pandemic. This year, Agrisync’s end customer has transformed, learning how to engage remotely. Niemann says that their agriculture customer has always been tech savvy, but that because of the pandemic they have had to adapt in their personal lives, not just in business, finding new ways to work and engage with each other. In agriculture, sustained efficiency is the goal. Agrisync works to enhance the customer service experience between a farmer and their service provider with consistent customer interactions and relationships. In a time of negative, Niemann says that Agrisync works even harder to deliver solutions and positive interactions. 


A Measured Start

Most things worth doing are hard. They’re challenges. Do you have the tenacity to stay with those hard things? Niemann says developing the Agrisync product took time. It even took a pandemic to open people up to the true possibilities of remote work. These things are not always in your control, but Niemann says it’s important to surround yourself with people who believe in you and your business idea. It’s humbling to have had a hard first couple of years, but now as an omnichannel provider, Agrisync is working all the time. Niemann outlines the company’s opportunities and challenges, including visibility and distribution.


Focus + Execution

Niemann discusses what Agrisync wants to be, including customer-driven and relentless in their pursuit of listening to what customers want. Agrisync focuses on a business process that identifies what will guide how they move forward. As a leader, it’s his job to figure out what’s important and what’s just noise. In order to execute and provide purpose to employees, it’s essential for startups to understand their focus and goals.


Startup Mentors

As a startup, Niemann says you need to have vulnerability and humility in order to let close mentors in. Here are a few tips he offers for mentor relationships:

·      The people you choose as mentors must be able to share the good and the bad. 

·      Mentor relationships are an investment for the mentor and the startup owner so be intentional and find the right people.

·      Choose a diverse set of mentors who will bring different ideas to your startup.

·      Don’t stop seeking mentors out as you build your organization. 

·      Find ways to give back. Even if you are only a few months into your startup journey, there is someone behind you that can benefit from what you’ve learned.

·      Surround yourself with mentors who are naturally encouraging. 


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