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Affiliate Chamber Spotlight: Windsor Heights Chamber of Commerce

Windsory Heights Chamber in DSM USA

April 18, 2017

Michael Libbie, Executive Director of the Windsor Heights Chamber of Commerce, tells us about upcoming programming, events and more.  

Windsor Heights Chamber of Commerce Q&A

What is your Chamber’s biggest accomplishment in the past 12 months?


Our biggest accomplishment over the past 12 months was the decision to remain a small, yet local Chamber. We had considered folding our membership into one of the larger neighboring organizations, but in the end, we believe that we can best serve our members by remaining autonomous. What is your message to current and prospective members? Our message to current and prospective members is that consumers have a very positive view of businesses that are affiliated with the local chamber. Learn more in this article we wrote entitled, “The Value of Membership.”

Is there any initiative or project that you are looking forward to in 2017?

We’ve recently launched Lunch and Learn events that feature guests who offer valuable insights for our members. We are also considering two new projects: a community social event called Night in the Heights and a small business seminar event that targets issues important to our members.

At-a-glance: Windsor Heights Chamber of Commerce

President: Jonathan Koester
Executive Director: Michael Libbie

Number of Members: 50

Website: windsorheightschamber.com

Facebook: facebook.com/windsorheightschamber


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Meg Schneider

Meg Schneider serves as Senior Vice President of Business Resources and Community Development at the Greater Des Moines Partnership. She is a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council, an invitation-only organization for senior-level executives in successful nonprofit organizations.