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Affiliate Chamber Spotlight: FuseDSM


June 20, 2019

Chamber Name


Elected leader for 2018

Ryan Anderson, Chairman of the Board

Professional Staff Leader of the Chamber

Trish Flaherty-Barnes

Number of Members


What inspired you to first get involved with your Chamber?

I have been inspired by building a sense of community and giving back to and supporting the businesses that create that community. I also have a passion for helping businesses target their pain points, turn them around and help them grow. The Chamber of Commerce provides a cost effective, much needed resource to businesses, whether large or small, because it provides the avenue for the community and business to come together. Relationships grow business. I look forward to building strong relationships with so many new businesses, just as I have successfully done in West Des Moines for the past 3+ years.

What’s a signature offering of your Chamber?

It is not only the integration of the businesses, but the inclusion of the greater community as a whole. This is reflected in our visionary programming offerings, such as Empresarios, our 501c group that supports nonprofits within the community and Moxie. Empresarios is a program that addresses the needs specific to, and lifts up the voices of, our Latino community. Moxie is a program that supports and provides a collaborative environment for our entrepreneurial business owners.

What is your Chamber’s biggest accomplishment in the past 12 months?   

The identification and integration of an unrepresented portion of our community – the northside business communityis one of our biggest accomplishments in the past year. We are honored to represent this segment of our city.

With this geographic growth, our chamber is truly a unique culmination of industry and ethnic populations. We realized we needed to create an identity that reflects this and shows the organization as it is today. With that, we embarked on a process to find a new name and brand to truly represent our chamber and the members we serve. FuseDSM– Your Chamber of Commerce, represents our fusion of all of the industries and ethnic business populations we serve. We fuse these industries and remove geographic boundaries.

Any initiative or project that you are looking forward to in 2018? 

We are looking forward to spreading the word about FuseDSM to share the following:

Our Purpose

Our organization provides the spark and energy every business needs to ignite growth and prosperity through purposeful connections. Our brand promise is to provide effective resources, knowledge and passionate advocacy to local businesses. We work tirelessly for our members to generate dynamic business opportunities unlike those found anywhere in the city.

Our Culture

Our culture is fueled by providing innovative solutions to the diverse range of businesses we serve. We are thought leaders. We are passionate and authentic. We are collaborators. We are fire starters looking to ignite economic growth for every one of our members.

Our Community

We are a community of business owners stimulated by providing explosive business growth opportunities forged from diversity, collaboration and authentic human interaction. We champion the success of our members with dignity and support one another with pride. Passionate integrity is fused into the very core of our community where hard work, inclusion and meaningful relationships define our past, present and future.

More importantly, we want to explore the possibility for growth of our north side community and support those businesses and events so we can leverage our relationship together to benefit the entire community.

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Trish Flaherty-Barnes

Trish Flaherty-Barnes served as membership director for four years at the West Des Moines Chamber. Prior to that she was with KCWI TV and the Great Day Show. Trish joined FuseDSM in early 2018 as membership director and became president/CEO in July 2018. She brings leadership, strength and vision to FuseDSM with the goal of Fusing the Community Together.