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3 Ways the Right Tech Can Help You Thrive in 2023

Technology for Small  Businesses

April 17, 2023

In 2022, Des Moines was named one of the top 20 cities for IT jobs due to the number of tech jobs and tech workers who are calling the place home. While you may not run a tech business, the advancements created at these businesses can help your company thrive in 2023 and beyond. The right tech can provide many advantages, including boosting productivity, enhancing collaboration and improving security, among other perks.

Here are a few tech upgrades to consider that can help your Greater Des Moines (DSM) business rise to the next level.

5G Technology

The arrival of 5G technology is rocking businesses around the world. In 2019, Verizon introduced 5G to many areas in DSM, including West Des Moines and the Historic East Village. This innovation is incredible for local businesses because it means that your computers can access the internet faster, your customers can be assisted on a timelier basis and your company can become more secure, which is essential when scams like phishing and malware have become so prominent.

This is the time for your company to take advantage of 5G internet. The tech will provide a reliable network that can put you miles ahead of the competition. The upgrade is also beneficial if you have remote employees because they can access information and assist customers as quickly as if they were in the office.

While 5G will help businesses work faster and more efficiently, there are also local companies that are getting into the initial stages of this new technology, including Carlisle-based Murphy Tower Services. They are a small family-owned company that is adding the fiber infrastructure that will bring 5G to many Iowa-based businesses in the future. Thanks to them and other contractors, the future looks bright.

Document Management Products

Another modern corporate tech innovation that’s beneficial across many different industries is the introduction of document control applications. In our advancing world, where there are more liabilities in the workplace, and many companies are going paperless, you must have a method for managing all of your documentation. Many document management products have been springing up as of late, so it's easier than ever to implement this tech.

Document control is essential for every industry, especially regarding data security. Earlier this year, Des Moines schools fell victim to a ransomware attack, and confidential information was exposed. This same event can happen at your company. If data is stolen, then customer confidence can falter, and you could face hefty fines.

Document control can ensure that your paperwork is in one place, so it is protected, and you can easily determine if anything goes missing. There are companies — like Record Nations and Iron Mountain — operating out of Des Moines that can help to scan and store your records in their facility so your paperwork will remain safe.

Document control can also help in construction. Construction companies in Des Moines and other cities are working vigilantly to rebuild their industry after close to a million jobs were lost during the pandemic. The issue is that many employees want to stay safe while on the jobsite. To ensure their safety, companies need to train the staff on safety procedures and have them sign off on their understanding. Plus, fewer employees could mean interruptions in the supply chain, so contracts may need to be refined with special attention to updated delivery dates. There are currently tools meant specifically for construction document control that can help with these issues and more.

You can use DocuSign to ensure that your employees get and sign the safety documentation via e-signatures, and you can organize and keep the forms in your database. Programs like eFiler can manage paperwork and other project-related emails and contracts, so managers can stay on top of the project from beginning to end.

Corporate Tech Software

Regardless of the industry, there are apps that every DSM small-business owner can use to improve. For instance, tax time in Iowa can be complicated, so staying on top of payroll and taxes is essential. Products like TaxJar can help you stay on top of sales tax, and eTax can ensure you get the maximum deductions.

Along the same lines, time management and productivity software are essential for verifying that your employees are clocking in correctly and taking advantage of their time. New time management apps like Rize can present hours worked for remote employees and create a report on how much time they spent multitasking, the websites that distract them the most, and more. Use the results to train your team for maximum productivity.

Finally, to ensure everyone understands their roles and tasks, try project management software like ClickUp and Monday.com. These programs can give managers a bird’s-eye view of how everyone on the team operates so managers can make the necessary tweaks.

Many tech upgrades can help business owners in the region, so try a few and see what works. Keep on top of trends as technology evolves, so your company can benefit.

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