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2024 Affiliate Chamber Spotlight: West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce

West Des Moines Chamber

January 5, 2024

Chamber Name + Website

West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce

Elected Leader for 2024

Paul Schut – Technology Advisory / Marco Technologies is the Chair of our Board of Directors in 2024

Professional Staff Leader of the Chamber

Katherine Harrington, President and CEO of the West Des Moines Chamber

Number of Members


West Des Moines Chamber Activity

How Does a Business Join Your Chamber?

The membership application is accessible on our website through the membership tab on our homepage. There, you can calculate your investment with us, explore the benefits we offer and discover why joining is advantageous for you. Memberships are available to organizations of all sizes, and we encourage everyone to reach out to our membership directors, Tom and Anna, for more information.

What Inspired You to First Get Involved with Your Chamber?

Our team has always seen our city as a beacon of innovation and unmatched initiatives. When envisioning our collective future, it was evident that we wanted to contribute to the best city in America to live, work and play. West Des Moines isn't just our home; it's the heartbeat of our shared success. The active engagement of the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce in fostering growth and community vibrancy is the driving force that inspires us to be part of this positive transformation for our city.

What is a Signature Offering of Your Chamber?

We proudly provide a diverse array of exceptional events and opportunities at the West Des Moines Chamber. Annually, we host impactful gatherings such as the Athene Black and Brown Business Summit, the First Responders Appreciation Breakfast and Mentoring for Women initiative. These events are crafted to foster encouragement and inspiration among individuals from all backgrounds. Attendees not only have the chance to network with professionals from various fields but also to receive mentorship and insights from esteemed leaders in Greater Des Moines (DSM). These gatherings not only promote inclusivity but also create a dynamic platform for knowledge-sharing and professional growth. It's our commitment to ensure that these events contribute to the enrichment and empowerment of our community members.

Networking with West Des Moines Chamber

What is Your Chamber’s Biggest Accomplishment in the Past 12 Months?

We've expanded our team with three new key roles: Meredith Murphy as Talent Attraction Manager, Tiffany Piper as Events and Experiences Coordinator and Everett Mullican as Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Their expertise will enhance our talent acquisition, event management and marketing efforts as we strive for growth and innovation. With this new leadership, we aim to position the City of West Des Moines as the BEST city in America to live, work and play.

What Initiative/Project Are You Looking Forward to in the Upcoming Year?

The West Des Moines Chamber is nearing its 100th Anniversary and we couldn’t be more thankful for our entire community that’s been part of the journey along the way. It's a celebration of a century of growth, innovation and community impact. This milestone underscores the Chamber's long-term commitment to West Des Moines' prosperity. As we approach this anniversary, it's a chance to recognize those who've contributed to the Chamber's success. This centennial isn't just about the past; it signals a commitment to future growth, innovation and service. Anticipation for anniversary events is building, reflecting the Chamber's ongoing role in West Des Moines' success. This milestone not only commemorates achievements but also anticipates the potential of the next 100 years. Every event next year will be a celebration and reflection of our journey, from where we started to where we are today, and the promising future ahead.

 West Des Moines Chamber

What Partnership Tools/Resources Have Been Most Beneficial to Your Chamber Members?

The Partnership has provided numerous opportunities for growth, both within the professional realm and personal experiences. Events like the Annual Inclusion Summit serve as just one example of the fantastic opportunities we are grateful for within our community.

What Are Your Upcoming Events?

The Greater Des Moines Partnership is the fourth largest regional Chamber of Commerce in the nation. Learn more about Partnership Affiliate Chambers, browse the Membership Directory and read additional Affiliate Chamber spotlights.

Everett Mullican

Everett Mullican serves as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce. He is a graduate of Drake University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in public relations and advertising from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Everett resides in his hometown of West Des Moines, Iowa.