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2024 Affiliate Chamber Spotlight: FuseDSM

FuseDSM Chamber

March 15, 2024

Chamber Name + Website


Elected Leader for 2024

Michael Bird, CEO, Spindustry

Professional Staff Leader of the Chamber

Trish Flaherty-Barnes, President/CEO

Number of Members


How Does a Business Join Your Chamber?

Joining FuseDSM is simple — the application is on our website at fusedsm.org. Once an application has been received, chamber staff will contact you and set a time to meet. We will recommend those benefits, programs and events that most align with your goals of membership and pain points for your business.

What Inspired You to First Get Involved with Your Chamber?

I was already working within the chamber industry when I began hearing about the changes going on within the FuseDSM footprint. The challenge of taking such a large, diverse footprint and combining it into one chamber intrigued me. I have a passion for connecting people and helping businesses grow. I truly believe the success of a business is two-fold — building relationships and telling your story. The FuseDSM footprint has so many unique businesses with wonderful stories to tell, they were the reason I was inspired to get involved.

What is a Signature Offering of Your Chamber?

MakeDSM is a dedicated community of manufacturers, brought together with a shared vision — to strengthen our industry, foster collaboration and drive continuous growth. With manufacturing serving as Iowa's highest gross domestic product, MakeDSM recognizes the pivotal role our sector plays in shaping the economic landscape, and we are committed to amplifying its impact.

We understand that the success of one is the success of all. Through our quarterly events, members will engage in thought-provoking discussions, problem-solving sessions and knowledge-sharing initiatives. This collaborative platform is designed to address challenges collectively, ensuring that each member benefits from the wealth of experience and innovative solutions within the group. Our quarterly events serve as a cornerstone for interaction, featuring expert speakers, panel discussions and exclusive insights into industry trends.

MakeDSM is more than just a network; it's a resource hub where information is shared, and resources are aggregated, empowering members with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving market.

FuseDSM Chamber

What is Your Chamber’s Biggest Accomplishment in the Past 12 Months?

In October 2023, FuseDSM launched the inaugural ImagineDSM Entrepreneur Academy, with the pioneering cohort successfully completing the intensive six-month program in March 2024. The feedback and testimonials pouring in from the 12 participants underscore the profound impact of this transformative experience. Undoubtedly, this marks our most significant achievement over the last 12 months.

What Initiative/Project Are You Looking Forward to in the Upcoming Year?

This year, FuseDSM has strategically chosen to center its focus on the MakeDSM program, recognizing it as a vital initiative within our mission. As a dedicated community of manufacturers, MakeDSM aligns seamlessly with our vision of fortifying the industry, promoting collaborative efforts and fostering sustained growth. Given the paramount importance of manufacturing in Iowa's economic landscape, constituting the highest gross domestic product, this program becomes the linchpin for amplifying our sector's impact. By prioritizing MakeDSM, FuseDSM aims to channel its efforts into a pivotal initiative that not only strengthens the manufacturing community in Greater Des Moines (DSM), but also contributes significantly to the broader economic prosperity of the region.

FuseDSM Programming 

What Partnership Tools/Resources Have Been Most Beneficial to Your Chamber Members?

The Small Business and Startup Resources Hub.

What Are Your Upcoming Events?

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Trish Flaherty-Barnes

Trish Flaherty-Barnes, President/CEO of FuseDSM, graduated from Drake University in 1993. With a passion for community, connecting people and helping businesses grow organically, leading FuseDSM is a natural fit for her. Currently, she is on the Board of Directors for Starts Right Here, an organization helping at-risk youth in our community.