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2023 Federal Featured Priorities

Federal Featured Priorities

On Wednesday, May 10, nearly 200 local business, civic and community leaders will head to Washington D.C. for the Greater Des Moines Partnership's 44th annual fly-in to the nation's capital. DMDC 2023 is a unique opportunity to promote vital regional and local priorities and economic development projects. Central to these efforts is The Partnership’s 2023 Federal Policy Agenda, which guides attendees in advocating for key issues with one voice and one mission as one united region.

Each year, The Partnership’s Government Policy Council (GPC), composed of Partnership Investors and Members, compiles an annual Federal Policy Agenda. As a nonpartisan organization, The Partnership’s advocacy efforts reflect our commitment to collaborative, consensus-based solutions. The Partnership strives to work with elected officials across the aisle to generate economic growth, business prosperity and talent development in the DSM region. Throughout DMDC 2023 and beyond, The Partnership will focus on the following featured federal priorities, in addition to elevating the entire 2023 Federal Policy Agenda:

Des Moines International Airport Terminal Project

Expansion of the Des Moines International Airport is critical to the state’s economic growth and necessary for a safe and smooth traveling experience for business and commercial passengers. The Partnership supports federal funding to help close the final funding gap through creative solutions and direct appropriations to ensure completion of the vital project. Learn about the project by listening to the DSM USA Policy HQ podcast episode here or by reading about the importance of aviation to Iowa here.

ICON Water Trails

The Partnership supports additional federal funding for Iowa Confluence (ICON) Water Trails, a regionally connected system of natural resources and corridors. A public-private partnership, this regional placemaking project supports efforts to address water quality and flood mitigation and will serve as a talent attraction and retention tool for Greater Des Moines (DSM).

Regional Placemaking

Investments in large-scale, transformational projects that attract and retain a strong workforce are vital to the future growth of communities. The Partnership works to support all regional placemaking projects, including the Downtown DSM: Future Forward Vision Plan and Action Plan, often through federal grants for public funding.

Child Care

Access to safe and affordable child care is necessary for the support of a successful workforce, and it requires creative solutions and funding at all levels of government and the private sector. The Partnership supports additional investment and policies that increase child care options for families and promote stabilization in the child care workforce. Read the latest on the state of child care in Iowa here or watch the Public Policy Issue Forum on Child Care here.

Small Business Administration Reauthorization

The Partnership supports federal efforts to drive inclusive small business growth and provides ongoing support for small business in DSM. Instrumental to business during the global pandemic, reauthorization of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is an opportunity to expand federal support while decreasing regulatory burdens on Iowa’s small businesses.

Immigration Reform

As talent remains the top priority for Partnership Investors and Members, the need for immigration reform is more urgent than ever. The Partnership supports a modernized immigration system and policies that further the goals of a diverse and inclusive population.

FAFSA Simplification Act

The Partnership supports legislative changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Simplification Act, including the reintroduction of the number of family members in college and an exclusion of the net worth for small business owners and family farms from the Student Aid Index (SAI) formula.

Regional Transportation Projects

As funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act continues to be awarded to states and local governments, The Partnership supports the region’s ability to capture funding for key transportation and infrastructure projects, such as the Future 435 project, broadband infrastructure deployment and regional water projects.

Arts, Culture and Heritage Grants

Arts, culture and heritage elevate and enrich a vibrant DSM and contribute to the economic growth of the region and state. The Partnership supports federal programs and competitive grants offered to further leverage private investment in order to enhance the creative sector.

Farm Bill Reauthorization

As the 2023 Farm Bill reauthorization effort continues to take shape, The Partnership recognizes the importance of programs that support the agricultural economy in Iowa and those that address water quality and conservation. As part of the reauthorization, The Partnership supports the Federal Crop Insurance Program, conservation programs, investment in research and development to support the agriculture ecosystem, funding and program support for rural development and a focus on international trade.

Read the full 2023 Federal Policy agenda here.

The Partnership's Public Policy team engages with local, state and federal officials to create public policy that generates economic growth, business prosperity and talent development in Greater Des Moines (DSM). The Partnership is a nonpartisan organization.

Partnership Public Policy Team

The Partnership's Public Policy team engages with local, state and federal officials to create public policy that generates economic growth, business prosperity and talent development in Greater Des Moines (DSM).