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2021 Rankings Roundup Highlights Tech, Sustainability + COVID-19 Recovery in DSM

2021 DSM Rankings

December 29, 2021

Throughout the past year, the Greater Des Moines Partnership has highlighted many of the rankings that Greater Des Moines (DSM) has received from major media outlets across the country. With an emphasis on tech, sustainability and COVID-19 recovery in the region, DSM is poised to continue to promote these as key reasons for talent to find it an attractive play to live and work.

2021 Rankings

In 2021, DSM has been listed as a #5 Top Emerging North American Market, #8 Most Resilient Tech Hub and a #4 Rising Star for Tech Jobs. These rankings tell the story of a market with a growing pool of talented technology workers, a place where cost and quality can’t be beat. The LinkedIn ranking cites their top ten list highlights the areas most resilient relative to their total population size, strong engineering programs and local employers who nurture local pipelines of talent.

In July 2021, Site Selection Magazine also ranked DSM as the #4 Most Sustainable Metro based on the following criteria*:

  • LEED-certified buildings
  • Green industry projects 2018-2020
  • Energy Star buildings
  • Brownfield grants
  • Brownfield cleanups

Other notable rankings this year include those that were pandemic-related. DSM was cited as one of three Breakout Cities on the Forefront of America’s Economic Recovery and a Top 10 City to Live in After the Pandemic. The Wall Street Journal named DSM one of the three breakout cities for leading the charge in the nation’s economic rebound, while Today listed DSM as a top 10 place to live following the pandemic due to a combination of low housing prices, smaller crowds and many jobs available here.

So if you’re looking for a location that’s great for raising kids, where buying a home is affordable and in a safe place to live and, finally, named a Top 10 Best State Capital to Live In, you’ll want to check out DSM.

If you already call DSM home, we hope you’ll share these rankings with your friends and family on social media if you haven’t already. Just use the hashtag #DSMUSA! You can help share the story that DSM is a place to grow your business, experience with your family and live affordably near all the amenities you could want. If you want to spread the message of DSM even further, consider signing up for the DSM USA Ambassador program.

See the full list of recent rankings here.

Named the #1 Best Place to Live in the Midwest and #2 Safest Place to Live, Greater Des Moines (DSM) is a city where you can have it all. Learn more about what it’s like to live here.

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*See the full criteria information listed here.

Greater Des Moines Partnership

The Greater Des Moines Partnership is the economic and community development organization that serves Greater Des Moines (DSM), Iowa. Together with 23 Affiliate Chambers of Commerce, more than 6,500 Regional Business Members and more than 400 Investors, The Partnership drives economic growth with one voice, one mission and as one region. Through innovation, strategic planning and global collaboration, The Partnership grows opportunity, helps create jobs and promotes DSM as the best place to build a business, a career and a future. Learn more at DSMpartnership.com.