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Stuart Rail Park


Site Information

With 143 acres north of Interstate 80, the Stuart Rail Park is on the outskirts of Stuart, Iowa — an industrious community of 1,800 residents on the western side of Greater Des Moines (DSM). The land is zoned for light industrial use, pairing well with the property’s direct rail access serviced by Iowa Interstate Railroad, a Class II railroad. Stuart Rail Park is within two miles of I-80 interstate access. The nearest major air service is the Des Moines International Airport, which is about 45 miles from the site. Electricity, natural gas and potable water are all available within 600 feet of the property. 

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) may be available, with additional property tax relief and other stimulus options for application, based on the project.

Site at a Glance

Site Name: Stuart Rail Park

Location: Stuart

Site Size: 101-200 acres

Zoning: Light Industrial

Site Designation: DSM RFI Ready

Water Infrastructure: Yes

Wastewater Infrastructure: No

Electric Infrastructure: Yes

Natural Gas Infrastructure: Adjacent to Site

Transportation Infrastructure: Distance to Interstate: 2 miles
Direct Rail Service: Yes
Nearest Major Air Hub + Travel Time): Des Moines International Airport (Travel Time: 40 minutes)


DSM is situated in a logistical sweet spot. The region is located at the convergence of major Interstates 80 and 35, is part of the USMCA corridor, boasts access to three Class I railroads at a regional transload facility and also has a foreign trade zone. Furthermore, nearby Iowa State University and Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) provide a strong talent pipeline for logistics, supply chain management, transportation and other complementary fields and trades. With a cost of doing business 12% lower than the national average (Moody’s Analytics), companies can do something greater here while contributing to their bottom line. 

About DSM RFI Ready  

DSM RFI Ready sites meet rigorous documentation requirements and have been evaluated by economic development practitioners to ensure site selection consultants and corporate real estate executives can readily access the data needed to drive decisions. 

Something Greater is Within Reach

Interested in the Stuart Rail Park and business opportunities in DSM? Access full data on the site and see how you can join competitive, growing companies doing something greater in DSM. Reach out to Alex Lynch, Economic Development Project Director, to get started