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Online Platforms for Raising Capital

When raising equity capital, do not ignore the online platforms for raising equity capital. Mike Colwell, the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s executive director of entrepreneurial initiatives, explains the importance of online platforms when raising capital and shares some of the most popular platforms.

Reasons to Be Online

Most investors expect you to be present on one or more online platforms focused on raising capital. These online platforms create an easier way for investors to do due diligence and communicate about financials, sign legal documents and more.

Popular Online Platforms for Startups

What platforms can help an early-stage startup raise equity capital? Here are a few examples of effective platforms where you can list your startup and seek out investment.


Gust is an absolute necessity for accessing angel groups and funds. Gust is the most commonly used platform and is often the entry portal to key investment groups. Gust allows startups to control access to their data and keep data secure. Mike touches on the importance of updating your profile so that it matches your latest business status. Keeping your financial summaries to date is critical as you raise capital. Gust allows for including a pitch video and creating a one-page summary within the program.


AngelList is a recruiting and fundraising platform for accredited crowdfunding. It’s also a place to look for competition. Mike points out that investors know where to look for the competition and who else is in the target market. You should too.

The Raising Capital Seminar is an annual event in Greater Des Moines (DSM) that helps small businesses and startups grow and secure funding. Hear from founders and angel investors and learn how to take your business to the next level. To find more information on when the next annual Raising Capital Seminar takes place, as well as view past event videos visit the Raising Capital Seminar page.