Melissa Ness

Melissa Ness formed Connectify HR to serve people and businesses by connecting and simplifying HR culture, compliance and cost control. Melissa began her career in the PEO industry in 2007 at Merit Resources. Merit Resources was acquired in 2013 by Iowa Network Services (INS and, in 2016, INS re-branded the company as Aureon and Aureon HR). After a period of rapid growth and expansion, Aureon HR was acquired by Oasis Outsourcing in 2018. During her time with Aureon HR/Merit Resources, Melissa served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and, ultimately, President. After Oasis Outsourcing was acquired by Paychex in late 2018, Melissa was appointed GM/Director, PEO Central Region, with responsibility for all PEO clients in 18 states in the Midwest including four operation centers. At the beginning of Melissa’s career in the PEO industry, she was helping to serve 4,000 employees and by the end of her time at this organization, she was overseeing the service of 100,000 employees.

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