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Frisian Farms Cheese House Feels "Gouda" About the Drive-Through Bite-Size Market

Frisian Farms Bite-Size Market

August 20, 2020

Jams and Tee

Summertime farmers’ markets are a family affair for us. Throughout the week, our family of five pitches in to bag 100+ pounds of curds and package wheel after wheel of cheese. We put the final touches on the preparations Friday evening by making sure our tubs are packed, tents and tables are ready to go and the coolers are set out for the next morning’s early departure. It is surprising how much my girls look forward to a 5 a.m. Saturday morning alarm in exchange for some farmers’ market treats.Drive-Through Market

Like many, we began this year with eagerness and high aspirations, hoping to resume the business activities of years past. Running a small business definitely has its ups and downs; however, a worldwide pandemic was the last obstacle I thought our cheese house would face.

At the Bite-Size Market

Experiencing the Drive-Through Bite-Size Market

Selling our cheese at the Downtown Farmers’ Market has always been one of the main outlets to share our products with customers. Thankfully, we were able to make strides towards normalcy with the debut of the Drive-Through Bite-Size Market. Our first taste of the Bite-Size Market was successful and heartwarming. Yes, it may be in different location with a few added rules, but it was great to meet in a physical place and see so many familiar faces. It was delightful to connect with other vendors andFarmers Market Sign to see our wonderful, loyal customers again — all while safely social distancing of course!

Although this year did not meet my usual expectations of years past, we will continue to push forward and look towards 2021 with optimism. I know our family will be anticipating the time when we can see everyone on Court Avenue again. In the meantime, we’d love for you to come see us at the Bite-Size Market.

Stay well,
Mike Bandstra
Frisian Farms Cheese

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