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Member Spotlight

Young Professionals Connection Member Spotlight on Nico

Nicole Winebrenner HeadshotName: Nicole Winebrenner

Hometown: Des Moines

Alma Mater: Grandview

Degree: B.S. in Accounting and Business Administration

Employer: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Job: Financial Consultant


Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I've worked at Wells Fargo for 10 years and for the past two I've been the lead of the Interest Analysis group. My position provides actual reporting on the balance sheet and income statement for all of Home Mortgage. I provide reporting to internal business partners, including executive management.

Q: How are you involved in the community?

A: I joined YPC a couple years ago, but just really got involved with committees this year. I'm an active member of the Impact Downtown committee and just recently organized my first event—Art Festival Volunteer Day. I helped out with the Volleyballpalooza and also just joined the Susan G. Komen Race Committee. I also volunteer regularly at my church — The Gateway Church in the Temple for the Performing Arts. I love Des Moines. It's my city and has so much to offer. I really try to use volunteer opportunities as a chance to give back to the community I love so much.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do in Greater Des Moines (DSM)?

A: I recently moved downtown so I'm really enjoying being able to walk everywhere! Des Moines has a few amazing things I love: excellent restaurants and breweries, great local coffee shops (I'm a regular at 3 different ones...), and a fantastic trail system. A perfect Saturday for me is a long run along Grand and Polk Blvd., shopping for local produce at the farmer's market, a bike ride to Gray's Lake, and then catching live music at one of the many venues available in Downtown DSM.

Q: What's something people don't know about you?

A: One thing people may not know about me is I really like to write. A year or so ago I found a journal from when i was in middle school, I had written that when I grow up I wanted to be a writer. A week later I got a fortune that said 'You will discover your hidden talent.' That year, on my birthday, I started a blog and rekindled a passion I had forgotten. 

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