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How We YPC: Diversity and Inclusion

Young Professionals Connection Diversity and Inclusion

About 31 people gathered at Wellmark on Tuesday to learn about Diversity & Inclusion Councils. The featured speaker, Rona Berinobis, provided a very engaging presentation followed by thought-provoking questions from the audience.

We learned about what a Diversity/Inclusion Council is and does, the business case for developing a Council, how Diversity/Inclusion Councils are leveraged strategically, what Wellmark has done/is doing with their Council, and some best practices.

About Diversity & Inclusion Councils

Diversity & Inclusion Councils are: ambassadors for the organization in the community, the eyes and ears of the organization, a group that provides a diversity of ideas, run “by the people for the people”, and groups that help raise awareness from a grass roots level.

Qualities of a Good Council Member

  • Has demonstrated the appreciation of diversity through professional or life experiences
  • Is passionate about making a difference – action more than words
  • Has effective teamwork skills
  • Brings ideas to the table
  • Is active in the community
  • Is respected in the organization
  • Provides strategic purpose for their role on the Council
  • Can serve as an influential leader

We learned all of this and more! What it really comes down to is that every organization is different and needs to design a Council that works for them. Wellmark’s Council didn’t happen overnight — it was an experiment over time that fleshed out what works and what doesn’t; it is a continuous evolution and they encouraged everyone to consider their own model that works for them. Overall a great session!

You can learn more about how to become active on the YPC board or various outreach committees, including the diversity and culture committee. Or find out more about diversity and inclusion in Greater Des Moines (DSM).

Megan Ruble

YPC Business Relations Chair





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