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Diversity & Cricket

Young Professionals Connection Cricket in DSM USA

You've heard of Cricket and perhaps have even paused for a minute or two on ESPN to watch the sport in action. You've wondered what they're doing, how they keep score, and what are those three things sticking out of the ground? Why are they pitching the ball that way? What's with the white uniforms? How could anybody miss the ball with a paddle for a bat? How do they hit a home run?Young Professionals Connection Cricket

Intro to Cricket

Well, if you had the opportunity to attend the YPC Diversity Committee's Intro To Cricket on April 11, all of these answers — and more — were answered. Bryan Manning, a professional cricket player from South Africa and local coordinator for the Des Moines Indoor Cricket League team, spent close to three hours teaching many young professionals the basics of the second largest sport in the world (behind only soccer).

Cricket History

YPC members and several guests were treated to a brief history of the sport and an orientation of the basic equipment and fundamentals. Bryan and two other professional players walked the group through the basic motions and pays and familiarized everybody with the game's unique jargon and rules for indoor play. We then had the opportunity to compete in a live match with a very close final score of 107-114.

It was an enjoyable way to spend the evening and I was pleasantly surprised by how rigorous the sport was  — even at a beginner's exhibition level. One of the big surprises for me was the realization of how physical the sport really is. I think each of the participants walked away with a new appreciation and better understanding of a game that is centuries old to the world — and yet continues to be brand new to so many.

Lincoln Dix
Diversity Commitee Co-Chair

Young Professionals Connection (YPC)

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