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A Charitable Event Experience: Goodwill Industries

Young Professionals Volunteer at Goodwill

As a new member of YPC, I recently had a chance to volunteer at Goodwill with the Charitable Committee on Saturday, February 23, 2013. Every month the committee chooses a different non-profit organization to volunteer.

Goodwill's Volunteer Opportunities in DSM USA

Before our work began the VP of Operations, Dave Parr, talked to all of us about how Goodwill operates. He informed us about the history of the organization and how it provides opportunities for people who have disabilities, lack of education or job experiences, or face employment challenges. Robyn White, who is the Retail Director, informed us about each store and how the Urbandale is the largest store in area. She mentioned there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. She much appreciated our time.

YPC Volunteer Tasks

The YPC Charitable Committee was able to assist with some of the activities which were: sorting the items, scanning of the books, sorting clothes, pulling six week old items, bringing the items into the store from the donation area, and putting items on the shelf in the correct area. Volunteering at Goodwill made me feel like I was walking in the shoes of people who usually work there. It helped me understand how their job is important and would add value to their self confidence. Not everyone has an equal opportunity when it comes to choosing a job. This experience made me realize how fortunate I really am and appreciate even more the choices that are available to me. I’m looking forward to volunteering with YPC again next month.

Allison Reece
Charitable Committee member

Young Professionals Connection (YPC)

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