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Top 6 Des Moines’ Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market Tips

The Downtown Farmers’ Market truly has something for everyone, and the Des Moines’ Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market does too. We have some helpful tips for Winter Market first-timers or anyone unfamiliar with the Des Moines indoor farmers’ market.

Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market Tip #1: Bring Your Own Bag(s) or Cooler

Bring a Shopping Bag

Some vendors have plastic bags, but it’s best to bring your own canvas shopping bag or basket from home. It’s much better than having all your items bagged separately. The Des Moines’ Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market sells the ever-popular jute shopping bags at the Information Booth.

Bring a Cooler

A cooler was essential for keeping items cold during the summer dates of the Des Moines Farmers’ Market 2019, but a cooler can be helpful at The Winter Market too! Bringing a cooler can help preserve cold food items, especially if you don’t go home right away. A cooler can be a good alternative to a normal tote or shopping bag if you anticipate needing to keep items cool.

Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market Tip #2: Try Something New

Buy something you haven’t tried before. The Winter Market is the perfect place to learn all about winter vegetables. Never tried kohlrabi? A vendor can advise you on how to select and prepare it. Visit the Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market with an open mind and be willing to try new things.

Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market Tip #3: Leave Your Dog At Home

The outdoor Des Moines Farmers’ Market 2019 dates may be dog-friendly, but dogs are not allowed at The Winter Market. Service dogs are welcome.

Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market Tip #4: Do Your Christmas Shopping

The Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market has so much more than just fruits and vegetables. Get ahead on your Christmas shopping and be on the lookout for gifts! The Winter Market features so many amazing local vendors selling handmade items that make great, unique gifts.

Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market Tip #5: Bring Your Appetite

Not only are there delicious food items to take home and share, but The Winter Market has vendors selling fresh food items to snack on while you’re shopping! Come hungry for bread, pastries, cookies and more!

Downtown Winter Farmers’ Market Tip #6: Ask Questions

Ask vendors questions when you see unfamiliar produce. Vendors and farmers love to share their knowledge and can even give you recipes and cooking tips.

Want to learn more about the products at The Winter Market? Read through the Downtown Farmers' Market glossary to learn more about farming practices, animal husbandry and food processing.