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Downtown Farmers' Market

Things to Do in Downtown Des Moines

Date: Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Location: Historic Court District

Event Information


UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Come visit with the staff from UnityPoint Health – Des Moines’ Midwife Services Clinic to learn more about healthcare options for women. Our experts will be able to answer questions you may have regarding annual exams, vaccinations, mammograms, birthing options and much more!



Enjoy live music from local performers while you shop. This week, hear these performers:

Iowa Playboys

The Iowa Playboys was created by a group of talented musicians with 140+ years of experience. They entertain audiences by playing traditional country and Western swing music.
Dates: Aug. 17, Oct. 5

Kirk Sloan Classical Guitar

Kirk Sloan is an instrumental soloist on classical guitar who has performed at venues around DSM. His classical guitar arrangements include both classical music and popular tunes.
Dates: May 11, Aug. 10, Oct. 5

Party of Four

This local group of four musicians has been entertaining at The Market for several years. They sing a capella in styles including jazz, folk and contemporary.
Dates: May 11, Aug. 24, Sept. 14, Oct. 5

Reid Miller - Iowa Troubadour

Reid Miller Storytelling Puppet Theater is folk and family entertainment. His puppet shows are based on classic folktales and original fiction taken from the events of the day. Songs range from folk to blues to ballads to bodacious comedy with appeal for all generations.
Dates: June 8, Aug. 3, Oct. 5


Mark Mcdougal began his music career by playing in garage bands and decided to take it to the next level by becoming a solo artist. As a solo artist, he plays the electric guitar accompanied by backing tracks that provide gentle bass, jazz drums and piano.
Dates: July 13, Oct. 5

Urbandale Community Adult Swing Band

This swing band plays a variety of swing and jazz music. Under the direction of Janna Rutledge, this group of 15 members represents a range of age groups, talents and communities from around DSM.
Dates: Aug. 31, Oct. 5

Wren Fione

Wren Fione is a singer songwriter. When she performs she plays the acoustic/electric guitar and sings. She sings mostly songs she has written, but also covers other artist's music.
Dates: June 15, Oct. 5

Community Corner

Stop by the Community Corner on Third Street, south of Court Avenue, to find out what is happening in Greater Des Moines (DSM). Local charitable organizations — welcomed as Saturday Salutes at The Market — promote learning opportunities, Downtown events and community resources each Saturday. This week, check out the Saturday Salutes:

Agape Pregnancy Center

The Agape Pregnancy Center demonstrates the truth and unconditional love of Jesus Christ to girls, women and their families experiencing unexpected pregnancy or the effects of sexual relationships in a safe and confidential environment. Educational information explaining free services provided by the Agape Pregnancy Center will be available.

Fighting For Veterans

Fighting For Veterans is a nonprofit organization that works to create a network in the community to provide resources and support to veterans in need. Come by and grab a piece of candy at their booth and hear all about the programs and resources they provide.