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Say Hello to Sweet Corn Vendors at The Market

Say Hello

July 20, 2022

In 2022, the Downtown Farmers’ Market welcomes new and beloved vendors to Downtown Des Moines (DSM). During your next visit to The Market, Say Hello to the featured July sweet corn vendors below. Better Butter Bureau

Say Hello

Say Hello to Iowa grown sweet corn! Our spring weather delayed the crop this year, but the wait is over. Penicks Sweet Corn Stand will be at The Market starting this Saturday. You’ll need some butter and seasonings to go along with your corn, and our vendors have you covered. We asked the Better Butter Bureau and Saltlickers for their suggestions. For the purist get some salted (or unsalted) butter and season with Crop Duster (a salt and pepper blend). Love spice? Go for the jalapeño lime butter and top with Rooster Shake or GGX. If you’re feeling adventurous, try seasoning your sweet corn with a new spice blend, Cha Cha Hot Pepper. Need a refresher on how to cook your corn? Here’s an article with some options. Saltlickers

Stop by and say hello to the Downtown Farmers’ Market sweet corn vendors mentioned above when you’re at The Market, Saturdays from 7 a.m. – Noon.

From May to October, experience local artists, live music and entertainment at the Downtown Farmers’ Market featuring nearly 300 family farmers, bakers, artists and crafters from around the state. It’s easy to visit with plentiful and affordable street and ramp parking options.