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Get to Know Winter Farmers’ Market Vendor: Handcrafted FCD

Handcrafted FCD

November 30, 2022

Handcrafted FCD is one of the more than 80 local vendors you can find at this weekend’s Winter Farmers’ Market. From 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 3 make your way through the Historic Court District in Downtown Des Moines (DSM) to find holiday goodies like Handcrafted FCD’s small zip pouches, scrunchies, headbands and more. 

What is your business?  

I love to sew! I focus on creating bags, totes, organizing pouches and anything else out of fabric that I can take from 2D to make 3D into a gift or product that can be used daily. 

What do you specialize in?  

Sewing. I'm known for alterations on anything from bridal dresses bustles, hems and fit and do those at my shop in Jewell, Iowa. If it can be made or fixed, I'm usually found doing just that. Over the years I began making children’s clothes and blankets, but am mostly known now for my totes, leather work and home goods. Merry Christmas Sign

How did you come up with the idea for your business?  

My sister and I started this business 12 years ago as we were sewing. It wasn't unusual for us to get together for the weekend to sew together, and we began chatting about how we had a need for bags for our teaching supplies. Through the conversation we decided we must not be alone and could help meet the needs of busy teachers carrying books to and from school in usable tote bags. 

How long have you had your business?  

12 years.


Have you participated in the Winter Market before? How is it different than the regular season?  

This is my ... well quite frankly I can't remember how many years, at least my 8th year! I've participated in the Winter Market at a few different locations. There's a different vibe from the normal season at the Winter Market. Shoppers are more focused on gift ideas.  

What products do you normally bring to the Winter Market?  

I bring my normal season products but focus on some smaller items for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and unique fabrics for the season. 

What’s your favorite part about the Winter Market?  

The music and atmosphere make the event so enjoyable. 

What memory stands out the most when you look back at your time at Winter Market?  

The vendors I've grown to know who've helped my business grow. I now have a brick-and-mortar shop in Jewell, and many makers I've met through the Winter Market are the ones who I carry and feature at the shop. I love supporting other Iowa makers! 

What advice would you have for new vendors?  

Take time to get to know other vendors. They are a wealth of knowledge and offer extremely helpful tips and tricks … things you wouldn't think about like how to deal with rain during the Winter Market, where to purchase food during the Winter Market, etc. There are some vendors who've been participating for years and have so much information to share if you'll listen. Storefront

How can people support your business outside of The Market?  

Contact me via my website handcraftedfcd.com or at my shop at 627 Main Street in Jewell. 

From May to October, experience local artists, live music and entertainment at the Downtown Farmers’ Market featuring nearly 300 family farmers, bakers, artists and crafters from around the state. It’s easy to visit with plentiful and affordable street and ramp parking options.

In November and December, experience local artists, live music and entertainment at the Winter Farmers’ Market, now taking place in the Historic Court District.