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Week 5: Social Media. What to Do?

Young Professionals Connection Social Media and Job Hun

Social Media: Social Networking

Social media. Everyone knows what it is. But how to use it to give yourself a professional edge? A few ideas to challenge everyday tools to enhance your career.


LinkedIn is the perfect place to market yourself as a young professional.

The Basics

Keep your profile up-to-date. If you’ve added something new to your résumé, make sure it’s on there! And periodically ask your supervisors and mentors to “recommend” you to add credibility. Looking for more? Check out the connections of your coworkers, colleagues and former classmates. If a friend is connected to a community leader you want to know, ask them to e-introduce you—a great way to create a warm touch with someone you want to meet.

One of my favorite uses of LinkedIn is research. Before going to coffee with someone I’ve never met I look them up on LinkedIn beforehand. I scour their profile to see if we have anything in common to mention during the meeting. The extra bonus is ditching the awkward moment of not knowing for sure what the person you are meeting with looks like! You can walk up and confidently shake a stranger’s hand. After coffee, send them an invite to connect on LinkedIn and mention why you enjoyed meeting with them. You’ll make a lasting impression. 


When tweeting, it’s best to not mix business with pleasure. Choose which path fits your Twitter and tweet-style best, and then stick with it. Simply put, if your goal is to have a professional account — keep it professional! Twitter is a great opportunity to read up on industry news and trends. Follow people you admire, people you aspire to be like and people who inspire you. Find companies, brands and organizations that are really good at Twitter — and learn by example.


Favorite Handles


Although Pinterest is a great place to gather adorable puppy photos and a collection of recipes you’ll never make, it can have professional advantages too. Use it for imagination: create a pinboard that inspires you, motivating you to work more efficiently and execute your job better. Keep it handy: read an article online you want to refer back to? Find a priceless tutorial for your line of work? Just pin it!

Be Creative

Find a way to think outside the box with social media. Looking for jobs? Create a (:30) Vine featuring your elevator speech and use LinkedIn to send it to a recruiter at a company you’d love to work for. Create an Infographic version of your résumé and link to it on your Twitter profile bio. Instead of holding an in-person committee meeting, hold a Google+ Hangout and be more efficient.

Generally speaking — social media is FREE and easy to use! Take advantage of it. And don’t be afraid to push the envelope and try something new. What are some ingenious ways you’ve used social media in your industry?


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