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DSM Opportunities Fuel ISG Talent Growth

ISG Talent Growth in DSM

November 11, 2020

Greater Des Moines (DSM) is a very approachable community that offers many amazing amenities and opportunities for its residents and visitors. You can find it all in DSM — a booming housing market featuring a wide range of urban and suburban living options, great sporting venues that host DSM’s very own minor league teams, endless recreational activities, and incredible business opportunities for all to enjoy. When ISG, an architecture and engineering firm, opened its first DSM office in 2014, we knew it was going to be an exciting undertaking from the get-go, and the DSM community and all it has to offer has exceeded our expectations.

Best People. Best Team.

The competitive talent pool in DSM gives ISG the opportunity to hire the best people, resulting in the best team. Home to five colleges within city limits, and 26 colleges within 100 miles that enroll a total of 108,926 students annually, DSM yields some of the newest, most innovative and eager professionals. A proud graduate of Iowa State University myself, I know that some of the best talent resides in the prominent higher educational institutions Iowa has to offer. ISG firmly believes that some of our greatest innovative solutions come from a new way of thinking, and we regularly employ recent graduates to help us continue to move forward in today’s fast-paced market. The firm’s average age of 36 is a testament to our investment in the next generation and all that young professionals have to offer, and DSM provides us the opportunity to continue this investment.

In addition to local talent, DSM’s vibrant community positions it to seamlessly attract people from other geographies as well. ISG alone has recently had employees transfer from Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Omaha, and San Francisco areas — each of which are now proud residents of DSM. This, in part, is due to DSM offering a diverse business commerce, a wide variety of living and recreational opportunities and a wonderful quality of life. Having a DSM location empowers our team, retains employees and allows us to better serve a great community in which we love to live, work and play.

Strong Partnerships

DSM is enriched with an affluent design community, reputable clients, talented firms and amazing partnerships. ISG currently serves 12 different business units, and DSM offers 26 memberships that translate across each market sector.ISG Talent Volunteers

Furthermore, the DSM community accommodates great sponsorships opportunities with corporate games and industry-related panels that our firm has participated in, in addition to various volunteering opportunities that we can dedicate our time to. Most recently, ISG has created a firm-wide campaign to encourage employees to give back to their community. “Impact Day” gifts each employee with one paid day to volunteer within the community and contribute to a cause, organization or nonprofit opportunity, as they see fit. DSM employees have recently helped clean up after the Derecho storm, as well as volunteered at the Wildwood Hills Ranch mulching trees and deep cleaning facilities to help organize the shop. This has been a truly eye-opening experience that has been an inspiration on all fronts. We love to give back to the community that gives so much to us.

Continued Growth

Currently, ISG has two DSM offices, due to our exceptional growth the past six years. With 50 employees spanning our two locations within the city, and projections indicating continued growth, ISG has made the strategic commitment to bring everyone together under one roof. We are better together and are looking forward to taking this next step in creating a more collaborative working environment in DSM.

With this, ISG is excited to announce that it will be moving to 217 East Second Street in the fall of 2021. The opportunity to design and renovate a historical DSM building is an exciting endeavor, and one we can’t wait to add to the region.

DSM has made growing an office everything the firm has hoped it would be and more. The city is full of greats — a great place to hire, great colleges to recruit from, a great place to live and a great and welcoming community that you just can’t find in any other location. Being deeply rooted in the community, ISG is invested in the growth and trajectory of DSM, and we cannot wait to see what other great things are on the horizon for our firm and the community as a whole.

Named the #5 Best Place to Live in the U.S. and a Top 10 Best Place for Business and Careers, Greater Des Moines (DSM) is a city where you can have it all. Learn more about what it’s like to live here.

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Derek Johnson

Shortly after joining the ISG in 2014, Derek facilitated the opening of the firm's DSM location which has grown to 50 employees. His business acumen and collaborative leadership style propelled him into the role of executive vice president, and he's since earned a position on the ISG board of directors.