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Sipping, Sampling and Sightseeing with YPC

Young Professionals Connection Architeture in DSM USA

YPC Architectural Walking TourThe Iowa Architectural Foundation is pleased to be partnering with the Young Professionals Connection for another annual “Sips, Samples, Sights” event on Friday, August 21. The event was a hit last year with several young professionals commenting on the impact it made on their understanding of the architectural heritage of Downtown Des Moines (DSM). This year’s event will be no exception, this time taking participants into the heart of Downtown DSM's Historic East Village. We hope you’ll join us for an evening of fun, food and amazing views!

Guided Walking Tour

While the event is social in nature, with samplings of delicious farm-to-table foods and eclectic wines and beers from local vendors, the Iowa Architectural Foundation’s part is to share with you the cultural development of the Historic East Village area through the lens of professional designers. On a guided walking tour by local architects, you’ll hear about the history and revitalization of this area and the impact proper design has on quality of life. You’ll gain insight into buildings and structures that may be familiar or unfamiliar. All of this will culminate in an understanding that develops innate pride for your community.
As Downtown DSM continues to rapidly change, the Historic East Village continues to be a prime example of historic architecture and new growth. It’s important to draw attention to this and celebrate the uniqueness of this progressive area. You’ll learn about architectural detail, style and elements. Plus, we’ll throw in some intriguing architectural factoids and provide historical significance of the buildings that shape this area. And don’t forget, you’ll walk away with some amazing Downtown DSM trivia knowledge to impress your friends at your next trivia night!  YPC Architectural Walk

The Iowa Architectural Foundation is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization that strives to promote the awareness and appreciation of architecture and design through youth and adult education, community design charrettes, and public awareness programs. Many of our volunteers are young professionals in the design industry, passionate about architecture and design and creating likewise enthusiasts. Please visit, iowaarchfoundation.org to learn more about our programs and offerings.

Carolyn Hepperly is a young professional living in Greater Des Moines (DSM). An arts lover and advocate, Carolyn is a Drake MPA grad and currently the Executive Director of the Iowa Architectural Foundation. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Young Professionals Connection (YPC)

The Young Professionals Connection (YPC) promotes an environment that attracts and retains young professionals in Greater Des Moines (DSM). YPC connects young professionals to each other and to the community through social, civic, charitable and professional development endeavors. YPC members have unique opportunities to grow personally and professionally and forge lasting relationships. They engage, connect and form a foundation for their future in DSM. YPC is an initiative of the Greater Des Moines Partnership.