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Need Something Extra to Keep You Going?

Young Professionals Connection Fuel Your Body

If you can't get through your day without a strong caffeine fix or one of those sugary energy drinks, try getting your energy, naturally, from your diet. It's easier than you think.

Fuel Your Body

Keeping our bodies properly fueled for optimal energy is much like maintaining a campfire, it takes a small variety of ingredients supplied at the appropriate time for a sustained burn. In the campfire we use a highly flammable material, like dry leaves, newspaper or even lighter fluid to ignite the fire.

We collect a few smaller branches for kindling and ultimately burn large logs. Think of the logs as protein, like a burger on the campfire, and the kindling as a variety of complex carbohydrates, like a sweet potato and asparagus spears along with some leafy greens on the burger between whole grain buns and maybe a slice of tomato or onion.

You can see the similarities in how each component contributes to the body's metabolic fire. Just like a campfire, you must add fuel to your fire periodically with balanced meals and snacks throughout the day. Remember not to let your fire burn out.

The human body does not stop functioning just because we've run out of fuel. Our resilient body resorts to using the fuel stored in the structure for what it needs, using it's own muscle as a source of protein. Protein is the body's most widely used nutrient, making it the most important part of your diet. It is best to try to get about half of your protein intake from animal products and the other half from plant sources.

The body also requires a variety of complex carbohydrates from colorful fruits and vegetables in order to get all of the essential nutrients needed for energy production. Healthy fats can be found in the diet, too, and are necessary for many of the body's structures and functions, including energy production, but should be limited to reduce the body's tendency to store excess fats. Getting these key nutrients in proper balance will allow the body to operate at it's best.

Supplying the required nutrients in balance and at frequent intervals provides your body with the nutritional tools it needs to function properly. Whatever your wellness goals and challenges are, like boosting your energy levels naturally, a foundation of good nutrition provides the best results.

Jamie Scott
Helping inspire hope for healthier lifestyles since 2010, Jamie enjoys creating many forms of art from poetry to painting. As the owner of Power Station, a nutrition club in Historic East Village, Jamie is an Independent Herbalife Distributor and nutrition consultant helping others with wellness goals. Find Jamie on Facebook and ‘like’ Power Station’s page or call to schedule your free wellness evaluation today (515) 635-5119 or powerstationdm.com.

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