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Golden Circle Games - 30 Years Old!

Young Professionals Connection Golden Circle Games Turn

This year the Golden Circle Games turns 30 years old. When this event began, I wasn’t even alive, and in my book, that makes it one heck of a tradition. Greater Des Moines (DSM) has seen its share of changes, but this unique event is still kicking.

A Tradition Spanning 30 Years

Over the past 30 years, the Golden Circle Games have brought people together for a high-energy, team-building competition. The Games first started when four local businesses got together for an afternoon of fun, but competition has grown substantially over the years. Almost 1,000 competitors representing near 100 local businesses are expected to turn out for the event this year and myself, along with YPC and the Greater Des Moines Partnership, could not be more excited.

I personally got involved with the Games back in 2007 as an intern for Hubbell Realty Company. For me, it was a great opportunity to network, socialize, and build better relationships with those around me while also having a great time participating in fun and wacky games. Our team made it to the Championship Tie-breaker that year. It was an egg-toss competition and I had the glory of catching the winning egg from my partner near 25 yards away. However light-hearted the competition sounds, it was a great feeling of accomplishment for my team and I to take home a 1st place award.

From then to now, I along with many YPC members, Partnership staff, and community supporters have been making strides to keep the Games running strong. The event has seen changes over the years but its roots have always been in team-building. I cannot wait to see you all out there this year donned in your ‘Define Your Nation’ costumes. More than that, I may be even more excited to see what comes of the Golden Circle Games in the next 30 years.

Cory W. Sharp

Cory is one of two At-Large members on the 2014 YPC Board as well as the Golden Circle Games Event Chair. Cory works as an Intern Architect for FEH Associates in Des Moines, enjoys playing drums in his band Plastic Apartment, and can be seen at various events around Des Moines. Follow Cory W. Sharp on Twitter: @coryissharp.

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