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Downtown DSM Litter Cleanup

May 17, 2017

Young Professionals Connection Cleanup

Please join YPC and local photographer Whitney Warne in an effort to clean up Downtown Des Moines (DSM) on May 24, 2017. Whitney began this effort on her own accord when she started noticing that Downtown DSM, her longtime home and business location, was littered with garbage. She took it upon herself to do something about — she picked up a bag, grabbed some friends, and sent people to different parts of Downtown DSM to clean up. The local news even picked up on it and she was featured here.

When Whitney approached YPC about a joint effort to partner up and clean downtown, we jumped at the opportunity to work with such a passionate advocate for this city. A cleanup Downtown DSM event will be scheduled for May 24, 2017, starting at Ivory House Photography.

Cleanup Schedule

  • 6-6:10 p.m.: Meet up at Ivory House and receive assigned clean up area
  • 6:10-7 p.m.: Clean up litter 
  • 7 p.m.: Return with litter to be weighed and drawing for free head shot!
  • 7:10-8:30 p.m.: Dinner and drinks at Malo

We will first meet up at Ivory House Photography, then sent out to clean up designated Downtown Des Moines (DSM) areas. When members return to Ivory House, we will weigh the trash and then throw it in her dumpster. We will go to Malo for dinner, drinks, and appetizers afterwards. Malo will have drink specials and some free apps. Whitney has also generously agreed to donate a free headshot to one lucky winner that we will draw on the day of!

If you want to read Whitney’s story of why she decided to clean up her city, please visit her article for Tue/Night.

Young Professionals Connection Ivory House Photography